Trump making ‘heavy move’ into another deep blue state

Two days after declaring that New Jersey was winnable, former President Donald Trump added another blue state to the mix.

Trump will headline the Republican Party of Minnesota’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner and the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee has let it be known that he is making a “heavy move” into the state.

House Majority Whip Tom Emmer (R-MN) shared a note on X welcoming Trump to his state, writing: “We are going to end the failed policies of the Biden Administration and get this country back on track.”

Of course, the former president’s visit works around his trumped-up criminal hush money trial in New York City. Trump will travel to Minnesota on Friday for the event.

The last time a Republican presidential candidate carried Minnesota was in 1972, when Richard Nixon won. Trump came very close in 2016, losing the state by just 1.5 percent. In the pandemic-marred 2020 election, Biden won the state by 7 percent.

“Well, I thought we won it last time, I’ll be honest,” Trump told KNSI Radio just ahead of Super Tuesday. “And I think we did win it.”

“It’s not like, in my opinion, that blue,” he said on the possibility of winning, before vowing, “We’re going to put a heavy move into Minnesota, I promise.”

Trump campaign senior adviser Chris LaCivita echoed that sentiment, telling the Associated Press earlier this month that the campaign is looking to expand its electoral map into Virginia and Minnesota.

“We have a real opportunity to expand the map here,” LaCivita said. “The Biden campaign has spent tens of millions of dollars on TV ads and in their ‘vaunted ground game’. And they have nothing to show for it.”

University of Minnesota political scientist Larry Jacobs said Trump may have an opening — the state has a large Muslim population and they are not happy with Biden’s early support for Israel.

“It looks to me like Minnesota is in play,” Jacobs told WFTV. “And if Minnesota is in play, Trump’s investment of time and money makes sense.”

According to new polling by The New York Times, Siena College and The Philadelphia Inquirer, Trump leads Biden in 5 of 6 battleground states.

In a head-to-head matchup, Trump is up by 12 percentage points in Arizona, by 10 points in Georgia, by 7 points in Michigan and Arizona, and by 3 points in Pennsylvania. And he trails in Wisconsin by just 2 points.

Over the weekend, at a massive rally in New Jersey, Trump also declared that he may very well win the Garden State.

“We’re going to officially play in the state of New Jersey. We’re going to win New Jersey,” the former president told the crowd. “I think we’re going to win them all. All across America, millions of people, so-called blue states, are joining our movement based on love, intelligence, and a thing called common sense.”

Tom Tillison


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