Tucker and Super Bowl-winning gunslinger Aaron Rodgers go deep in latest interview

Superstar NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been viciously attacked by the left-wing smear machine for his views on the COVID vaccines and he recalled the experience of the league’s pushing the jabs on players to Tucker Carlson.

The Super Bowl-winning gunslinger sat down with the intrepid journalist for a marathon interview session that clocked in at two hours and sixteen minutes, elaborating on his thoughts and the relentless attacks from the media for the high crime of being a free thinker.

Like many major corporations, the NFL coerced its employees into getting the jabs, and few institutions in America are as conformist as the professional football league. But Rodgers wasn’t playing ball, at the time causing a furor over his remarks that he had been “immunized” when he hadn’t been injected, leading to his vilification by the media.

The New York Jets signal caller told Tucker about the pressure on players to fall in line and roll up their sleeves, expressing the opinion that it was all about the money.

“You realize if you want to know what’s really going on, not just in big pharma, but in government is follow the money,” he said. “In the NFL, I mean, there was a strong push. They sent stooges out to every team to try and for vax level above 90 percent on every team with zero exemption, with zero informed consent. Just get this so that we look good, because big Pharma ad spend is humongous, not just on the late night shows. It obviously influences Hollywood and the NFL. So you have to understand who is actually…”

Carlson said he had recently talked to a friend of his who was a Navy SEAL and that the pressure to get jabbed was intense with the former military man telling the host that his fellow team members got fake vaccine cards because of their concern for their health.

“They’re not so different from an NFL player. How many NFL players actually got the VAX? Do you have any idea?” Tucker asked his guest.

“I don’t have any idea. I know that I’m sure that there were, plenty who got fake cards. I feel like, you know, there’s. I think there’s a base level of, hesitancy around just, big pharma medicine in general. Well, yeah. You say? It’s like 70 percent black. Yeah. To their great credit, a lot of black guys are like, no way. And based on the history, I think it’s warranted,” Rodgers responded, seemingly referring to such human experimentation on blacks as the infamous Tuskegee syphilis study.

“Totally. You know, any of the history about some really fair, human experiments that went on and ridiculous things in some of those communities, if you know about, you know, what’s going on in foreign countries as well with some of these vaccines, predominantly, places like Africa,” he said. “Where people have been maimed and killed and paralyzed by these vaccines, many of which are not actually approved anymore.”

“So on a base level, there was a lot of hesitancy. Like, I don’t think this is how we’re to do this, but in the NFL, it was like, if you’re on a team, there was no choice. It was it was get vaxed. If you’re a player, there was a choice, but if you chose not to get it, then you had a whole different set of rules,” Rodgers recalled, describing the coercive restrictions and what seems to be more than a little bit of hypocrisy on the part of the NFL.

“You had to wear a different colored armband. You had you couldn’t go to a restaurant. You couldn’t spend time at somebody’s house. And when three people were there, you couldn’t go anywhere on the road. You, you had to test every single morning and not enter the building until you got a negative back,” he told Carlson.  “And it all went away once the, once the playoffs happened because, of course, they don’t want to ruin the money at that point. And all the testing went away…”

In the must-see interview, Rodgers also discussed the mysterious death of notorious sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein as well as his spat with leftist late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, a veritable human DNC talking point-spewing machine, over a joke that was blown out of proportion.

The former Green Bay Packer also gave his thoughts on independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. who he was rumored to be a potential running mate pick, triggering a vicious CNN-led propaganda onslaught.

Chris Donaldson


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