Tucker Carlson calls for meritocracy: ‘Affirmative action is wrong. It’s totally immoral’

Oral arguments over race-based admissions at universities were heard at the Supreme Court Monday and, after decades of affirmative action being perpetuated, opponents like Fox News host Tucker Carlson praised meritocracy while the left was finally “being forced to defend” the “totally immoral” and “ridiculous” discrimination.

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The host opened his Tuesday night edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” cutting right to the chase on meritocracy being “the only fair way to run a society” as he explained how that was the standard in America for years. “People moved here from all over the world to partake in that system,” he went on, but then at the end of the civil rights movement, affirmative action took hold.

Through this system, as the cases of Students for Fair Admissions against Harvard and the University of North Carolina each have alleged, preferential treatment has been given on the basis of skin color to applicants despite having lower academic scores than Asian or White applicants.

“It’s completely unfair and now, for the first time in years, the Democratic Party is being forced to defend it in public. The Supreme Court is now considering a case about affirmative action in college admissions at Harvard specifically,” Carlson said. “Because they understand that their power depends on maintaining the racial spoils system they created, Democrats are defending the indefensible with maximum ferocity. Unfortunately for them, it’s not that easy to do.”

“Affirmative action is not only the very definition of racism. It’s also highly embarrassing in its particulars. The closer you get to it, the more embarrassing it is. When you elevate people on the basis of their appearance, you tend not to get very impressive people. Why would you? Unless you’re buying sunscreen, skin tone is a totally irrelevant criterion,” he continued before noting particulars about Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ketanji Brown Jackson.

“Sotomayor openly concedes that she got her job because of affirmative action,” the host stated before running a clip from Monday’s arguments where her misuse of a term meant the difference between discrimination and segregation being a practice or actual law. “This is the society that affirmative action has created,” he argued. “Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t know what ‘de jure’ means. Ketanji Brown Jackson can’t define what a woman is.”

Carlson backed up the case against race-based admissions with nearly 20 years’ worth of SAT score averages at Harvard for admitted students separated by their race which stood for itself.

Source: Harvard

He then went on to draw attention to Justice Clarence Thomas’ argument from Monday where, in part, he criticized the defense for failing to provide an adequate example of the “educational benefits” that the vague objective of diversity provided. When it was suggested that racially diverse groups resulted in better performance, Thomas fired back, “Well, I guess I don’t put much stock in that because I’ve heard similar arguments in favor of segregation, too.”

“This is nonsensical. It’s immoral and it’s ridiculous and so, not surprisingly, the arguments we’re hearing in favor of it today,” Carlson continued providing more proof. “According to Scientific American, for example, science compels a racial spoils system. This is real. ‘The Supreme Court could destroy affirmative action in higher education and STEM professionals (science) must stand against the white supremacy and scientific racism that fuels arguments against it.'”

“So, you’re a white supremacist if you’re against racial discrimination,” he concluded on that point.

Rep. Burgess Owens (R-Utah) spoke to the same on Newsmax TV’s “Rob Schmitt Tonight” Tuesday when he said, “This is the last piece of systemic racism that came from the old school, the days in which people looked at their intelligence…based on their skin color.”

(Video: Newsmax TV)

“And this is something we’ve been dealing with for quite a while. Keep in mind, with affirmative action, you never think of affirmative action when it comes down to physical [prowess],” he went on. “When was the last time you said, well, we’re going to get–we’re going to make sure that the basketball player is a white guy or is a black guy because of how I want to do? It’s only in the area of intelligence, and it’s been going on way too long.”

“And what it does, it’s a demeaning process,” the congressman continued, “by which they’re saying, in essence, black people–and this is where it all started–black people cannot compete, we do not have the intelligence to be part of this process, meritocracy, so we’re going to give you a 50-yard head start. And, at some point, it begins to wear down in terms of the confidence people have in themselves and whether they can compete or not.”


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