Tucker – Faithful Christians are the enemy of the US government

Tucker Carlson declared on the latest episode of his show that faithful Christians are the enemy of the modern American government.

As proof, he cited example after example after example of the government throwing Christians under the bus while offering preferential treatment to the most non-Christian of men.


“If you’re interested in who they really hate, we’ll look at what’s happening,” he began. “So Christian churches across the country have been burning and no one in the government is doing anything about it.”

“Look at how Christian churches were treated during COVID. Strip clubs stayed open, weed dispensaries stayed open, liquor stores stayed open, but Christian churches were closed because public health,” he added.

He went on to cite the case of a group of Paul Vaugn, a pro-life activist who faces 11 years in lockup for singing and praying outside an abortion clinic.

“So if you are a faithful Christian, not a fake Christian, David French Christian, but an actual Christian of the kind this country has always had, of the kind this country was created to harbor, actually you are seen as an enemy by the people who run it,” Carlson continued.

He then pivoted to the core topic of his latest episode, a new anti-Christian documentary by leftist zealot Rob Reiner. Released two months ago, “God and Country” is basically a propaganda film that teaches that pro-American Christians are a menace to society.

“GOD and COUNTRY looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only our constitutional republic, but Christianity itself,” an IMBD description of the film reads.

“Featuring prominent Christian thought leaders, GOD and COUNTRY asks this question: What happens when a faith built on love, sacrifice, and forgiveness grows political tentacles, conflating power, money, and belief into hyper-nationalism?” the description continues.

Carlson then brought on Megan Basham of The Daily Wire and asked her to explain the purpose of the documentary.

“They are calling evangelicals, particularly evangelicals who engage in the political process, a threat to democracy,” she said. “So they are 32 percent of the American electorate. The Atlantic quite rightly called them in 2021 America’s most powerful voting bloc. So they’re right about that. They are essentially the only obstacle that we still have to the left wing agenda.”

“So there’s been a very deliberate effort, and this film is part of it, but it is just a drop in the bucket, to be quite frank, of an entire cottage industry that is saying if these people, these evangelicals, continue to engage in the public process to try to influence their neighbors through their vote, through free association, through using their free speech by, you know, get out the vote efforts, anything like that, that’s dangerous and scary,” she added.

Precisely. Christians with political influence and power are bad — that’s the basic message and premise of the very unpopular documentary.

“I’m not going to do it the justice of pretending like it presents anything like a coherent intellectual argument,” Basham continued. “It doesn’t. What it essentially does is say, here are bad, scary Christians, and they include in that bucket, by the way, everyone from Billy Graham to Mike Pence to the Unite the Right rally, which was led by Richard Spencer, an atheist.”

“So it’s essentially saying all these guys, Jerry Falwell, John MacArthur, all of them, they’re the same as Unite the Right, which in itself is bonkers to even try to create a parallel there. So that,” she added.

And, Basham noted, the film “proves” all this by relying on the words and testimony of so-called Christians who don’t follow any Christian teachings and are pro-abortion, pro-LGBT, pro-everything anti-Christian.

Carlson was taken aback.

“I mean, I’m hardly a theologian — I have no interest in becoming one — but I think we can say conclusively [that] if you’re pro-abortion, you’re not a Christian,” he said. “I mean, I think it’s kind of that simple, is it not? And I don’t know how you could be for child sacrificing for Christianity.”

It makes no sense, of course, but that’s how the left thinks — that the real Christians (the “good” Christians) are the ones who are willing to throw out all doctrine in favor of “progressive” politics.

Vivek Saxena


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