Tucker: ‘Zelenskyy sits atop a money-laundering scheme so brazen Democrats won’t allow it to be audited’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday slammed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, saying he “sits atop a money-laundering scheme so brazen that Democrats won’t even allow it to be audited.”

The slam on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” came hours after Zelenskyy used his appearance at The New York Times’ widely panned DealBook Summit to beg for even more U.S. taxpayer money to be handed over to his country.

“We are absolutely open and we are thankful for the assistance. It’s not quite correct to speak about $100 billion as a value of the war for the United States. The value is lives of people. If Ukraine does not stand through this war, the war will spread into other territories and maybe even to other continents. For our people is the biggest value. Tell me how much our people cost. I don’t know,” Zelenskyy said.

Carlson was outright offended by this “moral blackmail.”


“Now moral blackmail this crude does not typically work because nobody with self-respect would stand for it. What? ‘Settle down, son. Get the Germans to pay for it. It’s their continent.’ That’s what a normal person would say, someone who had self-respect,” the outspoken Fox News host said.

But he was even more offended by the top Republican congressman who’s fallen for this blackmail hook, line, and sinker.

“Unfortunately for the rest of us, Congressman Michael McCaul of Texas has no self-respect so he folded immediately and that matters because McCaul is the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee,” Carlson said.

Indeed, this week the incoming House Foreign Affairs Committee chair vowed to continue sending more money and aid to Ukraine once Republicans retake control of the House in January.

“Just in case that you imagine that throwing out Nancy Pelosi and electing a Republican Congress, a huge victory, would mean that somebody would push back against Joe Biden’s lunatic and completely anti-American foreign policy priorities, oh, you were mistaken, because Michael McCaul just informed us that because we’re good people and so is Zelenskyy, we’re going to be sending Mr. Zelenskyy and his pals in tracksuits billions more of your money,” Carlson explained.

“The U.S. Military — not Ukraine’s military, our military, the one that’s supposed to protect our country — is running out of equipment and manpower, but just so we’re all clear about what Michael McCaul’s priorities are, we’re sending advanced weapons systems, yet more of them to Ukraine, and that’s in addition to what we’ve already sent, which is bigger than the entire Russian military budget,” he added.

But it gets worse. The U.S. is also now planning to pay Ukraine’s energy bills, despite America itself facing an energy crisis.

“The United States on Tuesday announced $53 million to support the purchase of power grid equipment to Ukraine to help Kyiv fight Russian attacks targeting its energy infrastructure that left millions in the dark with no heating,” Reuters reported Tuesday.

“This equipment will be rapidly delivered to Ukraine on an emergency basis to help Ukrainians persevere through the winter,” a State Department spokesperson reportedly said.

As Carlson explained, none of this aid and equipment would even be needed if Ukraine would seek peace with Russia. But nobody, particularly Zelenskyy, seems interested in peace. Why? Because “they want to keep the war going … because everyone’s getting rich,” Carlson mocked.

“The one thing you’re not allowed to say is that, ‘Hey, maybe we should stop this war,’ because, of course, the cash spigot would stop flowing, and that’s why at the DealBook Summit, the top business leader, Zelenskyy — in fact, he really is a top business leader if you want to be honest about it — went after Elon Musk because Elon Musk suggested maybe we should get a peace deal,” he said.

This is true. While the attack wasn’t ferocious by any means, Zelenskyy did briefly bash Musk for having recently proposed Ukraine seek peace instead of war.


“I don’t know if somebody is making an influence on him or he’s making those choices himself,” Zelenskyy said, suggesting some nefarious figures (perhaps Russian) might be influencing Musk’s decision-making.

“I always say very openly, if you want to understand what Russia has done here, come to Ukraine and you will see this with your own eyes, without any extra words, and after that, you will tell us how to end this war, who started it and when we can end it,” he added.

Again, Carlson wasn’t pleased.

“Oh, all perfectly reasonable. ‘Can’t have peace, send more billions.’ So, it’s interesting. These last few days have been like the few days before that. There’s been a lot of moral outrage in Washington about bad ideas and of course, some ideas are bad on both sides for sure, but ideas aren’t criminal. Actions are criminal and as always, the real criminals are getting away with it and getting richer in the process,” he said.


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