Tulsi Gabbard predicts what Dems will do if they win next elections: ‘Cannot be allowed to remain in power’

Former Democrat congresswoman and one-time presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard warns that President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris “cannot be allowed to remain in power” come November.

Gabbard appeared on Wednesday’s edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience” and warned that “our freedoms” are at stake.

‘”We can agree or disagree on different issues,” she told Rogan, adding that “we should have those conversations.”

“But when you look at the unprecedented abuse of power that they are engaging in,” she continued. “Undermining the rule of law, politicizing our government entities, targeting Americans who happen to be their opposition, whether it’s Donald Trump or the mom who’s protesting at a Board of Education meeting to have a say in what kind of education her child is getting — this is happening across the country, and if we the American people don’t do something about this and stop them and hold them accountable, what happens in these elections?”

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“If they’re allowed to remain in power, they will tell us, ‘Hey, you gave us a mandate. You said, Hey, good job, thumbs up, keep at it,’ and we’ll see everything that’s happened just continue to escalate,” Gabbard stated.

We may not come back from that, she cautioned.

“I have no doubt that our freedoms will be eroded to a point where it’ll be virtually impossible to get them back,” Gabbard said, “and where do we go from there?”

“America no longer becomes the land of the free and the home of the brave,” she stated, “it becomes the land of people who are controlled by the government and forced to comply or else. And if you dare to have the courage to speak up and speak the truth, or say, ‘Hey look guys, the emperor has no clothes on, boys are boys and girls are girls and that’s just how it is,’ then you will experience the retaliation or the consequences of that action.”

The Democrats’ desire for “control and power” came up throughout the interview.

“They’re terrified of a truly free society, where we can have a truly free open marketplace of ideas,” Gabbard stated earlier.

(Video: YouTube)

“They want to control what information you get about certain candidates,” she warned of the 2024 elections, and, in doing so, they are “undermining our basic responsibilities as citizens, which is to cast an informed vote and engage in our democracy and actually have a government of, by, and for the people.”

“They’re terrified of us doing that and making what they believe is the wrong choice,” she explained, adding that “they feel justified in what they’re doing” because they believe they are “the Righteous ones.”

They are “willing to destroy our democracy to save it in their minds,” she said.

If there is one “silver lining” to all Americans have endured under the Biden administration, it is that “more and more people are waking up,” according to Gabbard. They are realizing “no one’s coming to save us.”

“That is the message I’m carrying,” she said.

Melissa Fine


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