Venezuelan immigrant accused of violent crimes against NYPD officers, store workers claims he is ‘afraid’

An illegal Venezuelan migrant with an alleged violent past claims that, now that he’s behind bars, it is he, not the NYPD officers he’s accused of beating in Times Square, that is being victimized.

On Friday, attorney Roberto Perez told a judge at the Manhattan Supreme Court that his client, 24-year-old Yorman Reveron has “received numerous death threats on social media in regards to this case.”

Arguing that the migrant should be released without bail so that he can protect himself, Perez said that Reveron and his family “are, to be frank, afraid to come to court.”

Reveron had previously been accused of punching two store owners, going so far as to bite one of them — a fact noted by Judge Ruth Pickholz, who sided with the prosecutors and ordered that Reveron be held on the $100,000 bail they sought.

“It’s clear that Mr. Reveron has been here one year and already had two interactions with the law: petit larcenies and assaultive behavior,” Pickholz said, according to the New York Post. “And while he was out on supervised release, he continued in this case. So bail is appropriate at this time.”

In the Jan. 27 Times Square attack, Reveron is accused of “grabbing and tossing a cop to the ground and pushing another officer,” The Post reports.

In the previous case, according to The Post, he “is accused of stealing pants from Nordstrom Rack and punching and biting a store employee there in late November, and then helping to swipe a coat and suitcase from Macy’s in Herald Square, where he also allegedly punched a worker in the face, just before Christmas.”

As BizPac Review reported, Reveron, along with Darwin Andres Gomez Izquiel, Kelvin Servat Arocha, and Juarez Wilson were initially released without bail, a move that sparked national outrage.

“Two suspected members of a notorious Venezuelan street gang who were busted in the cops’ beating and then released also were given bail Friday — but were being held while facing federal charges,” The Post reports. “They are set to undergo deportation proceedings at some point.”

The man accused of sparking the incident, Yohenry Brito, has “initially been bailed out by an activist Brooklyn pastor,” the outlet states.

He is “an alleged serial thief since he’s been in New York City for the past eight months.”

On Friday, Judge Pickholz reinstituted Brito’s $15,000 bail, noting that he has caught “four separate cases” for petit larceny since he’s been in New York.

The incident in Times Square started when Brito refused to obey the officers’ order to move along as they were dispersing the rowdy group.

According to his attorney, Mark Jankowitz, Brito “did move!”

“He was pushing a baby stroller!” Jankowitz told the judge.

“There wasn’t a baby in the stroller,” Pickholz replied.

On X, there is little sympathy for Reveron’s plight:

“An assaulter is worried he will be assaulted?” asked one user. “Oh the irony.”


Melissa Fine


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