Ari Fleischer accidentally calls for MSNBC host’s prosecution after name mix-up

Errant name-dropping had one Fox News contributor calling for the prosecution of the wrong Steele amid the latest display of “two sides of justice.”

“I know you’re on the outs with RNC but my dude…”

(Video: Fox News)

The dichotomy of the legal troubles of former President Donald Trump and incumbent President Joe Biden have, as yet, stood at the apex of the perceived political weaponization of government. Picking up that thread, Ari Fleischer, one-time White House press secretary to former President George W. Bush, raised the infamous Steele dossier Friday on Fox News’ “The Story with Martha MacCallum” in addressing the federal indictment of a former FBI informant said to have lied about Biden.

“If a source lied to the FBI like that, I have no problem with prosecuting that person,” Fleischer said of the allegations against Alexander Smirnov who was arrested Thursday regarding his testimony about the president and his son Hunter Biden receiving $5 million in kickbacks from Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

In pivoting to the Steele dossier and the retired British intelligence officer behind it, Christopher Steele, Fleischer instead put the onus of guilt for the discredited claims on former Maryland Lt. Gov. and one-time Republican National Committee chair turned MSNBC analyst, Michael Steele.

“But then why hasn’t Michael Steele — the author of the Steele dossier — been prosecuted? This again, is the two sides of justice. And it keeps seeming that if you’re out to get Donald Trump, you get the green carpet,” argued the former White House spokesman. “You can do whatever you want. Just walk right down and attack Donald Trump.”

“But on the other side, these prosecutors — especially in blue areas of America — are waiting to pounce, and the press pounces along with them and paints a very sympathetic portrait,” Fleischer continued. “So, why was that source indicted, and Michael Steele is celebrated by the left?

“That’s the problem I have with justice in America since Donald Trump came to office and the Democrats have broken the norms,” he asserted.

Neither Steele nor Fleischer appeared to have commented on the name mix-up, but one user on X made sure to draw attention to it and tagged the MSNBC contributor in writing, “Hey @MichaelSteele, did you know Ari Fleischer thinks you should be arrested for…compiling the Steele dossier for Hillary…I know you’re on the outs with RNC but my dude…”

In October, Trump’s third bid to clear his name regarding the “perverted sexual” claims in the discredited Steele dossier went to a London High Court as he alleged Steele’s private investigation firm Orbis Business Intelligence had violated British data protection laws in leaking the dossier ultimately used by the Democratic Party to bolster former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s effort in the 2016 presidential election.

Taking to Truth Social, the former president leaned into the weaponization of judgment argument as he wrote, “I’ve got eight separate lawsuits going on that have been started, or strongly influenced by, the Biden Administration, for purposes of Election interference. No wonder our Country is doing so badly in EVERYTHING, and is the laughingstock of the World!”

Kevin Haggerty


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