‘I can’t let them do this’: Jill Biden’s ex warns ‘Biden crime family’ is doing to Trump what they did to him

The “Biden crime family” saga has taken a decidedly “Sopranos” turn after Jill Biden’s ex-husband claimed on Newsmax that President Joe Biden is doing to former President Donald Trump “the exact same thing” he did to him during his divorce from the now-first lady.

During his split from Jill, Bill Stevenson told Newsmax host Greg Kelly, “Frankie Biden of the Biden crime family comes up to me and he goes, ‘Give her the house or you’re going to have serious problems.'”

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“I looked at Frankie and I said, ‘Are you, you threatening me?'” Stevenson continued, “and needless to say, about two months later, my brother and I were indicted for that tax charge for $8,200.”

According to Stevenson, the divorce was “vicious.”

“We were only married four years at that point,” he said. “and we’re in this vicious divorce trial.”

He said he tried to “make it as easy as possible” on Jill, giving her “her Corvette” and providing her “with a townhouse.”

“I did everything I could to make sure she was happy,” he said, “because I cared about her.”

Admitting that he still cares for Jill Biden, Stevenson said, “My problem is with Joe Biden.”

“What he did was, right before the divorce trial, he switches law firms to his old law firm, a gentleman named Melvyn Monzack,” he explained. “For three days, they bash me. They bashed me in front of the IRS, they bashed me in front of the Department of Justice, until I said, ‘What in the world?’ and, ‘Why is this happening?'”

“The bottom line is, I won everything,” he stated.

The Bidens then appealed and sued Stevenson for one of the houses he owned.

“It took six years to resolve that,” he said. “And this is when my problems started.”

In 1982, after “they lost the house,” according to Stevenson, Jill Biden had to “sign off on the deed to a house in downtown Newark.”

And that’s when Frankie allegedly showed up.

“Delaware is a small state. Joe Biden is like the prince of Delaware in a way, right? Very powerful,” said Kelly. “You think that he essentially ordered this?”

“I not only think it,” Stevenson said, “but I know it.”

Stevenson said he “could not believe the power of Joe Biden and the Department of Justice. I couldn’t believe it.”

While Hunter Biden has currently been charged with two misdemeanor counts after a five-year investigation for $2.2 million in unpaid taxes, Kelly noted, the Stevenson brothers faced felonies after just an eight-day investigation for failing to pay the IRS just over $8,000.

“Here’s the tragedy,” Stevenson said. “My brother pleaded guilty. It broke us up forever.”

The alleged treatment of Stevenson and his brother by Biden is not unlike the treatment of Trump by Biden’s DOJ, Kelly said.

“It’s hard to believe what they’re doing to President Trump right now and that’s why I came to you,” Stevenson said. “He is doing the exact same thing.”

“I was on the wrong side of them and they have literally come after me for 35 years in a row,” he continued. “One little thing after another.”

“I can’t let them do this to a president that I love and respect. I can’t let them do this to our country. This is why I’ve come forward,” Stevenson stated. “This is the only reason I’ve come forward. It’s like I said, nothing about the divorce, no bitterness, but Jimmy, Frankie, and President Biden are very dangerous, and it’s tragic. I can’t let them do what they did to me to President Trump. I can’t do it.”

You can watch the entire interview, here.

Melissa Fine


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