Veterans speak out on military’s ‘woke’ culture, and they DESERVE be heard this Veteran’s Day

Trump-era Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is out with a Veterans Day column encouraging Americans to listen closely to the untold number of veterans who’re jettisoning the U.S. military because of its increased “wokeness.”

“Our military today is in crisis, so much so that veterans are speaking out. We ought to set politics aside and listen to them. They know what it takes for America’s military to be strong and capable, and ensuring it remains so should be our utmost priority,” the column, published at Fox News, reads.

With this in mind, Pompeo “launched a nationwide campaign this year” to help “veterans and active-duty members of our military” speak out.

“The response has been unbelievable,” the former secretary of state wrote.

For instance, he heard from a 25-year Air Force veteran who retired recently because he, in his own words, “refused to treat non-vaccinated airmen differently than the vaccinated.”

He also heard from a 26-year Army and National Guard veteran who retired last year after “watching National Guard and Army Reserve troops be given monthly ‘politically correct briefings on topics such as LGBTQ and other Woke/PC topics,’ with very little real training,” Pompeo wrote.

“These soldiers are experts on not offending others but can’t shoot,” the Army veteran reportedly told him.

He also heard from a 22-year Air Force veteran who, according to Pompeo, “summed” up the situation perfectly: “He said that President Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, woke training, and Biden’s vaccine mandate ‘all hurt deeply.’ An A-10 pilot, he and his wife were both graduates from service academies, but now planned to steer their children ‘away from following in (their) footsteps.'”

They’re not alone. Many Americans feel similarly:

“We have heard from so many more men and women who are extremely troubled at the state of our military, and all have come to the same conclusion: In our armed forces, competence is now subordinate to identity. We’re promoting politics over military readiness and lethality,” Pompeo continues writing in his column.

“This doesn’t just make America less safe; it is a gross disservice to the men and women who served our country. They did not fight to see our armed forces become places of woke indoctrination,” he adds.

Signs of the military’s “wokeness” began seeping through in 2021 when Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley ranted and raved to Congress about so-called “white rage” and defended the practice of encouraging members of the Armed Forces to embrace racial essentialism.

Also last year, President Biden announced that his administration intended to focus on ostensibly improving the military by making it more friendly to women. Some of the administration’s projects, he announced, included updating the military’s requirements for hairstyles and designing “maternity flight suits.”

“Some of it’s relatively straightforward work where we’re making good progress: designing body armor that fits women properly, tailoring combat uniforms for women, creating maternity flight suits, updating requirements for their hairstyles,” he said.

“And some of it is going to take an intensity of purpose and mission to really change the culture and habits that cause women to leave the military,” he added.

Biden’s “woke” military has also fully embraced the Black Lives Matter movement and transgenderism.

Meanwhile, just this past September, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado announced a fellowship program just for women and so-called “gender minorities.” So-called “cisgender” men (i.e., normal men) were reportedly told not to apply.

The same academy went on to encourage cadets to stop using biologically accurate terms like “mom” and “dad” because they’re offensive to the transgender community.

The “wokeness” appears to run pretty deep, and it seems like Pompeo’s point is that the American people need to wake up and pay attention to this “wokeness” before it’s too late …

Vivek Saxena


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