‘View’ hosts gnash their teeth over Matt Gaetz’ Pledge of Allegiance amd, decry American exceptionalism

“The View” co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin were mind-blowingly offended and triggered on Thursday when Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) proposed that the House Judiciary Committee recite the Pledge of Allegiance before they began their proceedings after they convened.

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Gaetz was ripped by Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI) when he moved to recite the pledge at the beginning of meetings, “The pledge shall not be led by an individual who supported an insurrection against the government of the United States in any way,” he railed.

Gaetz’s amendment was passed through the GOP-led committee unanimously. Cicilline’s proposal was defeated. That did not sit well with the co-hosts of “The View.”

“I also want to point out that Congress has already been saying the Pledge of Allegiance at work every day since 1988,” Goldberg yelled before calling the pledge a “waste of time.” She contended that it would be “a better show of patriotism to be working on issues like police violence, mass shootings, [and] prison reform.”

She continued her hissy fit over the pledge by declaring, “We’re not fooling around. The people of the United States are not fooling around. You’ve wasted everybody’s time suggesting your people do what they already do.”

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Co-host Joy Behar suggested that Gaetz was using the recitation of the pledge as a means of “hiding his sins” referring to Jan. 6 and leftist investigations launched against him that have gone nowhere.

“They always say ‘Oh, let’s wave the flag, rally around the flag!’ when there’s something to hide. And that’s what he’s doing,” she accused.

Hostin brazenly smeared the members of the committee, charging that “a lot of those folks that have been newly appointed to that committee are hypocrites.”

“The problem I have is this narrative of American exceptionalism that we’ve been taught as kids. I said the Pledge of Allegiance all through my life in school. And then when I got into college, I took an African American history course. And I started realizing that the actual pledge doesn’t apply to a lot of our citizens. It hasn’t met the dream of being exceptional. This country hasn’t met this dream of being this beacon on the hill,” Hostin asserted.

“Well, they weren’t recording us,” Goldberg interjected.

“But I think until we really meet the promise of what this country could truly be, then we shouldn’t be touting us out as exceptionalists,” Hostin stated.


Then Hostin trotted out the talking point that the Supreme Court “ruled you can’t force anyone to take the pledge.” No one is ostensibly requiring that members say the pledge in the House so that is a specious argument.

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin defended the US and slammed the idea that other countries are better.

“The one thing I would say is loving your country is not saying your country is perfect. I love this big, beautiful flawed nation,” she declared.

“I’m well aware of the flaws in this country and I think engaged citizens are the ones that are going to fix that. But there’s a little bit of this narrative of, ‘Europe’s got it all together, we’re a big mess.’ I will just point out, France bans the burka even though they have the largest Muslim population in Europe. As an Arab American, I’m sorry, that’s racist. China, the competing global superpower against the US, currently has Uighur Muslims in concentration camps as we speak. They edit black people out of films in China. Racist right there. Iran is killing women and protesters for not wearing the hijab properly and by the way, some countries in Eastern Europe, criminalized homosexuality until very recently,” Farah Griffin commented.

“The thing we all have to remember is no place is perfect. Every place has racism. All the isms exist in every country on the face of the earth. The difference it seems is we’re supposed to be the ones that can call it out without a problem. Those things are narrowing,” Goldberg concluded.


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