‘Way to go, Joe!’ Hamas releases first batch of hostages after ‘negotiations’ with Biden, but NO AMERICANS

The first group of hostages in the temporary Hamas-Israel ceasefire were released on Friday without an American among them despite President Biden’s touted negotiation efforts.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Twenty-five hostages are reportedly being released. That includes thirteen Israeli women and children and twelve Thai hostages who were brokered for in a separate deal according to Fox News. MSNBC is reporting thirty-nine Palestinians will be released in exchange.

This is the beginning of a four-day exchange of hostages during a temporary ceasefire in Gaza. It will be extended a day for every ten hostages released. It is believed that Hamas took 240 hostages with at least nine Americans in the mix. It is unknown how many are still alive.

Fifty women and children taken hostage on Oct. 7 are set to be returned to Israel over four days in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners.

The hostages were released into the care of the Red Cross and transported out of Gaza through the Rafah border crossing according to the Times of Israel who cited Israeli officials. Red Cross workers were seen ferrying the hostages by ambulance from Gaza into Egypt. They were then expected to be taken to Israel to receive care at a number of hospitals.

Israeli leaders have vowed the war with Hamas will continue as soon as the ceasefire ends.

“Israel will continue its war on Hamas and we will not stop until we achieve our two main goals, overthrowing the rule of Hamas and returning all the abductees back to us, safe and sound,” Foreign Minister Eli Cohen stated on Friday as he took stock of Israel’s besieged border areas with his counterparts from Portugal and Slovenia.

There were more than 1,200 Israelis slaughtered on Oct. 7 when Hamas attacked. They also horrifically raped women, beheaded people, and killed children while they were at it. Then they took hostages.

The Hamas-run Palestinian Ministry of Health is claiming that nearly 13,000 civilians have been killed by Israel since then but there is no way to verify that number.

Two American hostages were released previously, but none have been set free since then in what many see as a further failure on Biden’s part. That has not stopped the president from attempting to take credit for the negotiations.

“President Joe Biden was directly involved in the negotiations and received hourly updates on the progress, the administration official said. Among the early sticking points, they said, were Israel’s requirement that Hamas provide identifying information and ‘proof of life’ for the hostages and Hamas’ demand that fuel enter Gaza,” MSNBC reported.

“A senior White House administration official and a senior Middle East official said that the release of two Americans — Judith Raanan and her teenage daughter, Natalie — was viewed as a ‘pilot’ case that proved the effectiveness of the system that had been put into place to create a potential pipeline for hostages to be released,” the outlet contended.

Biden was hammered on social media for Americans not being released:


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