‘Well, there is a double standard because…’ Ted Cruz roasts Bill Maher as an election denier

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) appeared to trip up comedian Bill Maher on Friday’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time,” turning the election accuser into an election denier with a few irrefutable facts.

“You’re one of 11 Senators who voted not to certify the last election,” Maher told Cruz. “Do you think Biden didn’t win?”

“Look, Biden is clearly the president,” Cruz replied.

“Well, that’s not the question or the answer,” Maher shot back as the audience laughed. “Do you think he won? Was it a fair election?”

“No, those are very different questions,” Cruz stated. “Did he win and is he the president? Yes. Was it fair?”

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Cruz maintained that there were “lots of things” that were unfair about the 2020 election.

Cruz appeared on Maher’s show, at least in part, to push his newly released book, “Unwoke: How to Defeat Cultural Marxism in America.”

Arguing that the 2020 election has been “combed over more than any election ever, even by the people on your side,” Maher threw a quote from Cruz’s book at the lawmaker: “Democrats whose capacity for shamelessness never ceases to astound me, were no longer willing to play by the rules of democracy.”

“Now, I know you’re funny now, but is that a joke?” Maher asked, adding that he believed it was Republicans “who are no longer willing to play by the rules of democracy.”

“It seems like your idea has switched in the Republican Party to ‘elections only count if we win,  and then we will endlessly litigate them,’ even though your own– it was laughed out of, like, 60 different courts,” Maher said.

“Why won’t you let it go?” he asked Cruz.

Cruz accused Maher of being the one who won’t let it go and said, “I believe passionately in democracy, and I also believe voter fraud is a real and persistent problem.”

“I have never once seen you or any other host ask Hillary Clinton why she said in 2016 that Donald Trump was an illegitimate president,” Cruz noted. “I’ve never seen you ask Democrats why they objected to the presidential certification in 2001 — that was George W. Bush — in 2005 — that was George W. Bush — and in 2016 — that was Donald Trump, and I don’t think we should have a double standard here.”

Maher was so focused on Republicans’ claims about the 2020 election, that he proved Cruz’s point for him.

“Well, there is a double standard because there’s two different things going on,” Maher earnestly argued. “One is a remonstration, a mild protestation.”

Leaning forward in his seat, Maher said, “Al Gore was the head of the Senate at the time. He had to pass the baton in an election he knew he won.”

“He knew he won? Wait, are you an election denier?” Cruz interjected. “You just said Al Gore won that election.”

Flustered, the snarky host immediately backpedaled.

“Well he — okay, he did not win,” Maher corrected himself. “I’m sorry. You’re right. You’re right. I meant to say he won the popular vote.”

Trying to salvage his point, the host claimed Bush’s brother, then-Florida Governor Jeb Bush, “stopped the count.”

Cruz again hit him with the facts, stating that the Supreme Court stopped the count.

“I mean, facts matter,” Cruz said. “They counted the votes four times in Florida. George W. Bush won all four times.”

“I was part of the legal team litigating that case, so I was intimately involved in Bush versus Gore,” he continued. “Every time they counted the votes, Bush won.”

“The bigger point is that Al Gore took one for the team,” Maher insisted. “He came out and said, ‘okay, you know, this was a really f***ed up election, but this is America. The jewel in our crown is that we pass power peacefully, and I’m not going to be the first guy not to do that.'”

“Nixon let it go in 1960,” he said. “That could have been a screwy election. And Hillary came out in her goddamn purple suit. She did it before the sun rose. She did it before the cock crowed three times. She came out and said ‘Trump is the president.'”

“That’s what you guys will not do,” Maher told Cruz.

“Joe Biden is the president,” Cruz stated. “What do you mean we won’t do it? I’m fighting him every day, and he’s screwing up the country and the world, so I’m quite aware Joe Biden’s the president.”


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