WH spox dismisses ‘Twitter files’ bombshell as a distraction from platform’s ‘anger, hate, antisemitism’

The Biden regime reacted to the explosive release of the “Twitter Files” showing collusion between the social media giant and political forces to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story by conjuring up a bogus narrative to gaslight the American people.

In the first daily press briefing since journalist Matt Taibbi published the initial installment of the cache of damning materials, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that the revelations of high-level corruption are merely a distraction from an alleged rise in hate speech on the platform since the company’s takeover by billionaire Elon Musk.

When asked by Jacqui Heinrich of Fox News about Musk’s Friday bombshell and whether the White House feels that the decisions to censor the New York Post story that could have changed the trajectory of history were made appropriately, Biden’s top spox was dismissive of Twitter’s release of the smoking gun documents.


“So look,” she said. “we see this as a — an interesting or a coincidence, if I may, that he would so haphazardly — Twitter would so haphazardly push this distraction that is a — that is full of old news, if you think about it.”

“And at the same time, Twitter is facing very real and very serious questions about the rising volume of anger, hate, and antisemitism on their platform, and how they’re letting it happen,” Jean-Pierre claimed. “And, you know, the president said last week, more leaders need to speak out and reject this. And it’s very alarming and very dangerous.”

The sudden concern of Democrats and their allies about antisemitism is yet another example of the brazen hypocrisy of the most cynical political entity in the nation’s history, especially when years of incendiary rhetoric that can accurately be described as antisemitism by Rep. Ilhan Omar and her fellow “Squad” members has been tolerated if not sanctioned.

Despite the media hysteria and the proclamations of the “experts”, there has been a decrease in so-called “hate speech” on Twitter under new ownership which has made sweeping changes to the organization and its product.

“Hate speech impressions (# of times tweet was viewed) continue to decline, despite significant user growth!” Musk tweeted last week, announcing that Twitter Safety will be publishing data on hate speech on a weekly basis.

“Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of reach. Negativity should & will get less reach than positivity,” he said.

In another tweet, Musk added some much-needed perspective, “There are about 500M tweets per day & billions of impressions, so hate speech impressions are <0.1% of what’s seen on Twitter!”

The Democratic Party and particularly the Biden administration’s open contempt for the concept of free speech has been well established, and as with the word “democracy” that they constantly invoke to cloak their authoritarian agenda, “hate speech” has become an expansive, catch-all umbrella term used to delegitimize anyone with a dissenting point of view.

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Chris Donaldson


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