‘What the hell is going on here!?’ Shocking parade features very young girls in lingerie

A shocking video, reportedly of a carnival parade in Torrevieja, Spain, making the rounds online reinforces the notion that the progressive left are indeed after our children.

The parade features very young girls dressed up like strippers in lingerie with Pride flags strapped on the backs of some of the children, complete with garter belts. They also have black tape “Xs” placed over their undeveloped breasts.

“This is from an annual parade in Spain which took place this week. Little girls dressed in lingerie to perform with pride flags strapped to their backs. Everyone involved in this should be arrested,” tweeted the renowned Libs of TikTok account.

Media Research Center’s Brittany Hughes was in agreement about the prospect of jail.

“But the left is coming for your children,” she wrote. “They’re actively targeting and systematically perverting and destroying your children. So yes, this scene deserves oxygen and a spotlight. Followed by a bonfire and more than a few arrests, and that’s me being merciful. So here goes.”

A different tweet shared over the weekend by a social media user showcased adults in similar attire:

Torrevieja is on the Costa Blanca, and is known for its Mediterranean climate and coastline. The city celebrated its annual carnival this year from January 26 to February 12.

A tweet shared by the X account Voices of Europe stated, “At the carnival in the Spanish unofficial gay capital, #Torrevieja, a column of children was noticed. Debates have ignited online regarding whether their presence is appropriate at an adult celebration.”

The tweet below translates as such: “Spain. Children dressed as sex objects parade to the delight of local pedophiles. Progressivism they call it.”

Here’s a sampling of other responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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