Why Fox News may have REALLY fired Tucker: They care the network is ‘part of the Regime’

Conservative commentator Mike Cernovich explained on Tuesday why he believes Fox News has jettisoned its most popular host, Tucker Carlson.

Speaking on “The Benny Show” podcast, he stressed that it has nothing to do with money, ratings, and other typical factors.

“As someone who is watching this and knew he was going to be taken off the air pretty soon, I think what is being revealed — the big, grand reveal of Tucker — that I think you know, a lot of people know, but maybe a lot of people who don’t listen haven’t understood yet, it isn’t about corporate profits,” he said.

“We live in this delusion still on the right and the conservative world and the libertarian world that these companies exist to make money, free-market capitalism. Yet we watch companies make decisions over and over again that are bad for business, that are insulting to their audience,” he added.


As an example of people at the top who still fall for the “delusion,” he pointed to Reps. Jim Jordan and Thomas Massie.

“So I think that this is why the younger people who are considered conservative don’t really feel like protecting Google and other big corporations. There’s still that strain that I see even in people like Jim Jordan or Massie, who’s great. You don’t see me bashing Massie, except when it comes to anti-trust,” he said.

“Because they still have that strain in their mind that, oh yeah, it’s the free market, and we just gotta let companies compete in the free market. It’s not though. It’s not. This is a plutocracy that we’re living in. It’s more of a corporatocracy that we’re living in,” Cernovich added.

Continuing his remarks, he said that it’s because of this plutocracy/corporatocracy that money and ratings don’t matter at Fox News: “So even though Tucker’s the biggest person at Fox, they don’t care. They don’t care what their ratings are. They care that Fox News is part of the regime.”

Speaking of which, he argued that Fox News has been “part of the regime” for decades.

“The thing I really worry about now … something for people to think about is that we give Fox News a pass if you’re younger. If you’re older like me, you remember that Fox was very responsible for pushing public opinion into that last Iraq War. They were a very crucial player in the war-mongering,” he said.

Dovetailing back to the present, Cernovich sees a similarity between Fox News’ past promotion of the Iraq War and its current coverage of the war in Ukraine.

“And based on what I’ve been seeing out of Ukraine, based on what we’re hearing from the U.K. and other countries, I think that Murdoch said, ‘You know what, we need nuclear war with Russia. We need World War III. It’s time to cook this up. We can’t have Tucker acting as a wedge against that.’ Because he knows Hannity’s going to go along with it. Hannity went along with every war. He does what he’s told,” he said.

“And I think Murdoch and other media people met with the regime apparatchiks and decided that it’s time to turn the heat up on this war. Two-hundred billion for Ukraine is not enough. We need full-scale attack. And then of course, people would say, why, that doesn’t make any sense. Well, does it make any sense for Fox News to fire its top commentator? No, no,” he added.

Concluding his remarks, Cernovich then turned to the spiritual aspect of all this.

“So something that our people are still missing — and you’ve talked about a lot — is this spiritual dimension. The demons, the evil, whatever people want to call it … the bad entities just want us killing each other, and they don’t care what the war is. They don’t care what starts the war, causes the war. They don’t care who wins the genocide. They just care that there’s destruction,” he said.

“And you have to look at who’s people like Murdoch serve. Is he serving God? Is he serving the American people? Is he serving decency? He’s a successful man in terms of a grand figure, but nobody talks about him as they would Elon Musk or as they would talk about Tucker. So my real concern right now is that we can expect a full frontal push for World War III, a nuclear war with Russia, and that’s why Tucker had to get removed from Fox — no dissenting voices now.”


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