With no comment on Russia and Ukraine, Biden took some selfies, then flew to Camp David for weekend

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Critics have been quick to take note of the disturbing contrast between the Biden administration’s alarming rhetoric about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine and President Joe Biden’s goofy, lighthearted antics.

Shortly after National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced during a briefing Friday afternoon that Russia could invade Ukraine “at any time,” the president was spotted taking selfies at Camp David.

Even establishment reporter Jennifer Epstein of Bloomberg News seemed puzzled by his behavior.

“President Biden heads to Camp David without coming over to the press, who[,] after his national security adviser ratcheted up warnings on Russia’s plans[,] were eager to get an update from him on the situation in Ukraine,” she tweeted.


Philip Wegmann of RealClearPolitics was even more taken aback, especially once the president started taking selfies.

“President Biden took selfies and shook hands with staff ahead of his departure to Camp David. Half an hour ago, @JakeSullivan46 told us Russia could invade Ukraine in 24-48 hours. Biden did not take questions,” he tweeted.


Responding to the photo shared by Wegmann, Fox News contributor Joe Concha of The Hill noted the horrible optics of it.

“So given the fast-moving developments on the Ukraine border and a possible imminent Russian invasion, one would suspect the president will be staying at the White House and the Situation Room. Nope. Still heading to Camp David. Optics, people. You stay in Washington in this situation regardless of Camp David’s capabilities,” he tweeted.


He also took at shot at all the Democrat voters who’d been (and were still as of Saturday) complaining about Epstein and Wegmann’s reporting by saying things such as “at least he isn’t golfing like Trump”:

What remains unexplained is why the president has been acting so cavalier about the prospect of a war breaking out between Ukraine and Russia — a war that most suspect would trigger some type of reaction from the U.S. government.

Former Trump era Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland suspects that hidden underneath the Biden administration’s hysterical Ukraine/Russia facade is a belief that Russian President Vladimir Putin won’t dare actually invade Ukraine.

Speaking on Fox News’ “The Story,” McFarland made the case on Friday that all the heated rhetoric from the administration is part of a ploy by Biden to whip up “his own Cuban Missile Crisis” so that he can later take credit for ostensibly preventing World War III.

“If Biden is right and if the White House is talking about tanks crossing borders and Vladimir Putin does that, he will trigger a response. I don’t think the United States gets involved militarily, but the response will be within NATO countries in the area, maybe to get more economic assistance, more military assistance, but will also be primarily within the Ukraine,” she said.

“If there is … guerrilla warfare in addition to tanks moving across the border, actual Ukrainian military fighting, it will be messy and bloody. There will be body bags going back to Moscow. That is not a good look for Vladimir Putin. He doesn’t need this right now. He can achieve his objectives without going to war.”

Thus the president is essentially playing  chicken with Russia, she explained.

“I think in part, maybe President Biden is setting up his own Cuban Missile Crisis. If all this talk is about the Russians are going to take tanks across the border and then it doesn’t happen, President Biden can say great diplomatic achievement, ‘we prevented World War III,’” according to McFarland.


This theory does indeed fit, because if the president’s that confident that Putin won’t actually invade, then that would explain the stark contrast between his administration’s rhetoric and his cavalier attitude.

Of course, the other theory — the more popular one — is that he’s simply this incompetent:


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