Woke MI Dem accused of being a groomer fires off angry rant over ‘hateful nonsense’

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An upset Michigan State Senate Democrat went viral Tuesday after she delivered an angry rant on the Senate floor targeting a Republican colleague who’d criticized her support for exposing children to radical ideologies.

The drama between Republican state Sen. Lana Theis and Democrat state Sen. Mallory McMorrow started on Wednesday, April 13th, when McMorrow staged a walkout with two Democrat colleagues as Theis was delivering an invocation.

“Dear Lord, across the country we’re seeing in the news that our children are under attack. That there are forces that desire things for them other than what their parents would have them see and hear and know. Dear Lord, I pray for Your guidance in this chamber to protect the most vulnerable among us,” Theis reportedly said.

It appears her invocation was in reference to documented attempts by teachers across the country to indoctrinate children in racial essentialism and radical transgender ideology.

In addition to walking out during Theis’ invocation, McMorrow also posted the following tweets describing her Republican colleague’s prayer as “close-minded” and “harmful”:

Theis clapped back two days later by reposting a story about the walk-out and adding a short paragraph blasting McMorrow and her Democrat colleagues for their “virtue signaling” stunt.


McMorrow ignored this initial clap-back.

But Theis then doubled down by reportedly attacking her in an email to supporters, describing McMorrow and her Democrat colleagues as “social media trolls … who are outraged they can’t teach can’t groom and sexualize kindergarteners or that 8-year olds are responsible for slavery.”

Again, it appears her attack was in reference to documented cases of teachers expressing their support for sexualizing children and for teaching them that certain races deserve to be treated better than others.

Look, but keep in mind that the source appears to be a far-left “journalist”:

McMorrow first responded by accusing her Republican colleague of spouting “hateful nonsense” that she suggested could be placing her life in danger.


She then delivered a speech Wednesday doubling down on her rhetoric.

“I am the biggest threat to your hollow, hateful scheme. Because you can’t claim that you are targeting marginalized kids in the name of ‘parental rights’ if another parent is standing up to say no,” she said.

“You say, ‘She’s a groomer. She supports pedophilia. She wants children to believe that they were responsible for slavery and to feel bad about themselves because they’re white.'”

The ideology that she appears to support, critical race theory (i.e., racial essentialism), does in fact posit that all white people, including white babies, deserve to feel guilt over the sins of their ancestors.

“I am a straight, white, Christian, married, suburban mom who knows that the very notion that learning about slavery or redlining or systemic racism somehow means that children are being taught to feel bad or hate themselves because they are white is absolute nonsense,” McMorrow continued in contradiction of the facts,” McMorrow said.

“No child alive today is responsible for slavery. No one in this room is responsible for slavery. But each and every single one of us bears responsibility for writing the next chapter of history … we are not responsible for the past. We also cannot change the past. We can’t pretend that it didn’t happen, or deny people their very right to exist,” she continued.

“We cannot let hateful people tell you otherwise, to scapegoat and deflect from the fact they aren’t doing anything to fix the real issues that impact people’s lives. And I know that hate will only win if people like me stand by and let it happen…We will not let hate win,” she concluded.


Critics say that all she’s letting “not win” is the actual truth.


In related news, the speech wound up impressing failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton:


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