Women’s March takes a beating from the left for ‘unapologetic’ abortion tweet that ‘goes too far’

The only thing funnier than watching the Women’s March Twitter account get roasted for posting that they are “pro-abortion” is the fact that a lot of the backlash they are getting is coming from the left.

Harken back, if you will, to the days shortly after the Supreme Court leak that indicated the Dobbs opinion would overturn Roe v Wade. Liberals far and wide tried to convince conservatives that nobody is “pro-abortion,” they just want people to have the choice to get one if they want.

Some examples:

The left pushed the idea that they didn’t like abortion, but it’s a necessary evil and also none of anyone’s business.

That is, until whoever runs the Women’s March Twitter account decided that it was time to take the mask off:

While the message itself was undoubtedly designed to rally their base and irk conservatives, much of the blowback they have received from this tweet was from the left side of the aisle. Liberals bashed the account for giving the right a way to bolster the argument for increased restrictions on abortion services.

Sierra Marlee


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