‘Would they kill us?’ Anti-Trump protester tells wild tale outside Supreme Court, swears it’s ‘not hyperbole’

As the Supreme Court deliberates former President Trump’s 14th Amendment case, an unhinged leftist spoke to reporters on the steps of the high court, comparing his policies to Nazi Germany and suggesting he would kill them.

The protester is named Lisa Fithian. She represents a radical leftist group called “Remove Trump.” She spoke with a reporter from the Associated Press and asked “Will they kill us in this country?” This woman has been involved in a long line of radical and sometimes violent protests.

The media lapped it up, giving Fithian prime camera time as the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether states can remove Trump from the ballot, citing that he allegedly fomented an insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021, which he has never even been charged for.

The Associated Press interviewed Fithian just minutes before arguments began. She warned that if he is reelected, the former president could bring about “white supremacy, fascism, and political murder,” according to Mediaite.

The interview was pure leftist pablum.

“So, you know, we think that there’s so many harms that he has done. And that, you know, we put them on the signs. But the truth is, it’s like until this, the courts really stop this. He’s going to continue to wreak havoc in this country,” Fithian proclaimed.

One of the signs that the protester brandised, declared, “Beware the future.”

“I wish we didn’t have to have that sign. But it is really true. If he’s able to prevail. And continue to run in it, he should win again. I don’t even know how bad – I think people in this country don’t want that in,” Fithian stated.

“And I literally believe we are watching fascism really take root in this country. And that’s not hyperbole. That’s real. I mean, most people have stood in line and would have been in Germany,” she asserted not in the least comprehending the horrific history of Nazi Germany.

Then she began to rail to the reporter that Trump and Republicans could round them up for extermination if the former president is reelected.

“And many of the scholars see that, you know, many of the people that tried to speak out against it started too late and they were all killed. Let’s be clear they were all killed,” the protester emphasized giving full bloom to her delusion.

“So would they kill us in this country? They, people died. On the day of the Capitol insurrection,” Fithian contended, seemingly not understanding that the only person who died that day was a Trump supporter.

And what leftist protest would be complete without the defense of Palestinians? According to Fithian, it all boils down to white supremacy and fascism.

“So we have, and people continue to. A man was just stabbed in Austin, Texas because he was Palestinian. Right? There’s a level of violence and hatred and polarization that, I mean let’s be clear. We’ve always had a problem with white supremacy in this country. But when you take white supremacy and you add the fascist creep with that. I think we’re in very dangerous times. And hopefully, the people will prevail,” she commented.

Instead of pushing back against the baseless, vicious claims of the woman, the AP reporter simply said, “I’ll leave it there,” before thanking the anti-Trump protester.

Ironically, Fithian seems to be the one with a penchant for calling for violence:


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