‘You’re leaving?’ Tim Pool’s podcast with Kanye West goes off the rails

Rapper and entrepreneur Kanye West continues to be confronted over his recent inflammatory remarks, storming off of a podcast after he was prodded over what many have perceived to be an antisemitic trope about Jewish control and an ill-advised Twitter post about going “death con 3” on Jewish people last month.

On Monday’s edition of Tim Pool’s “Timcast” podcast, “Ye” and controversial conservative commentator Nick Fuentes discussed the firestorm over their recent dinner with former President Donald J. Trump that opened up another line of attack against the nation’s 45th president who had just declared his 2024 candidacy and has been vilified for the presence of Fuentes, an uninvited guest.

About 20 minutes into the show, which also featured former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos whom Ye has enlisted for his own White House campaign, things went south when the host pressed him about his incendiary remarks, leading to the rapper’s abrupt departure which has gone viral on social media.


After a discussion about his remarks which led to his being dropped by several business partners, including sneaker and athletic apparel giant Adidas,  during which Ye responded about the reaction to his words, Pool said. “I think they’ve been extremely unfair to you.”

“Who is ‘they,’ though?” Ye replied. “We can’t say who ‘they’ is, can we.”

“The press,” the host clarified. “I don’t use the word as the way I guess you guys use- I’m talking about-”

“It is them though, isn’t it?” Fuentes chimed in. “I mean because when you think about it, consider it…”

“No,” Pool said.

“What do you mean it’s not?” snapped Ye as he stood up and began to walk out.

“You’re leaving?” Pool asked his departing guest as Ye stormed out of the room.

Earlier in the podcast, Ye said that the meeting with Trump was originally scheduled before the “death con 3” controversy but was delayed and that the ex-POTUS “had no idea” who Fuentes – who had not been invited – was.

Ye also said, “I just gotta go right to the heart of this antisemite claim that’s happening. This is something- if you read the definition, it says you can’t claim that there’s multiple people inside of banks, or in media that are all Jewish, or you’re antisemitic. And that’s the truth. Like, it’s the truth.”

“Elaborate. Like, what do you mean?” Pool inquired.

“I’m saying, like, I’ve been labeled antisemite, right? So there’s different beliefs about our bloodlines, you know, like the documentary that Kyrie posted, and in general, America has been left ignorant and history has been changed,” Ye responded. “So when we start questioning things that question the indoctrination, then you immediately, get you know… demonized, demonetized and what’s so beautiful about this time is everyone got to see what’s really been happening. And now we can really understand, we can see that Rahm Emanuel was next to Obama and Jared Kushner was right next to Trump.”

He also told Pool that he would “walk the f off of this show” if he was made to defend himself during the interview, which he later did.

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Chris Donaldson


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