‘You’ve pulled over the wrong person’: New video of top Gascon aide’s arrest during DUI stop

“You’ve pulled over the wrong person,” said Los Angeles prosecutor Joseph Iniguez during a traffic stop, words he would soon regret after his arrest.

Iniguez, the right-hand man of criminal coddling Soros-backed LA District Attorney George Gascon, was taken into custody by police following an interaction after he and his fiancé were pulled over in Azusa in December 2021 on their way back from a wedding.

“You’ve pulled over the wrong person, let me tell you,” Iniguez, who was riding shotgun when pulled over and recorded the encounter on his cellphone, is heard telling officers.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“This is not right,” he says. “This is why when they talk about law enforcement and like our interactions with law enforcement – he did the right thing tonight and drove me,” he said of his fiancé, another man. “We were at a wedding.”

He also told police to run a check on the vehicle’s license plates, which would reveal his connection to Gascon’s office.

“Run our plates, and see what you find,” Iniguez said. “Honestly. I’m not saying anything, just see what you find.”

At the time of the arrest, Iniguez was Gascon’s chief of staff and has since been promoted to chief deputy DA.

During the stop, he engaged in disruptive behavior toward the officers who were just trying to do their jobs.

“FSTs are completely voluntary and not required by law,” he shouts as the officer is trying to interview his fiancé, referring to a field sobriety test, urging the man to not speak to officers. A cop is heard telling him “Just let him do his job.”

“If he has probable cause, he will arrest you,” Iniguez said. “…He has reasonable suspicion, so he says, to conduct a traffic stop. OK.”

After placing the other man under arrest, an officer then approached Iniguez and also arrested him.

“Sir, you’re currently in public, and you’re intoxicated,” the cop said. “You’re being placed under arrest right now. Turn around for me. Put your hands behind your back.”

(Video Credit: Fox11)

Iniguez would later sue the city of Azusa over the incident, alleging that his federal civil rights had been violated. He reached a $10,000 settlement last summer.

“Bad policing is a scourge on our community and must be called out,” he said after his settlement victory. “While I took this action to hold them accountable, many people with less knowledge of the system have bad experiences with police that impacts their trust for some of our most important public servants.”

Iniguez is a “strong advocate for bringing modern approaches to public safety’ and believes in ‘sensible reforms that focus on community safety and is passionate about addressing the school-to-prison pipeline through alternatives to incarceration,” according to the Law Enforcement Action Partnership.

He touts himself as “the first gay DA elected in LA County’s DA office” on Instagram, the Daily Mail notes.

Gascon’s tenure has been marked by an explosion of violent crime in the “City of Angels” which is a common characteristic of Democrat-controlled cities where the top prosecutor has drawn the support of George Soros, the ghoulish Hungarian billionaire whose money has been instrumental in corrupting the American system of justice.

Chris Donaldson


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