Log Cabin Republicans blast Biden for ‘demonizing’ DeSantis, parental rights law

LGBT Republicans have issued a statement condemning President Joe Biden’s efforts to “demonize” what they see as Florida’s “common sense” parental rights law during the signing of […]

MSNBC analyst warns if you think prices are high now, wait ’til ‘fascist, authoritarian’ GOP takes over

(Video: MSNBC via MRC) It seems at times like we as a divided nation are living in two separate realities, and nowhere is that surreal sense […]

Former senior Trump official offers ‘definitive proof’ critical race theory being taught in schools

Citing “narrative-shattering documents” obtained by America First Legal (AFL) in connection to its case against the Tredyffrin/Easttown Area School District (TESD) in Pennsylvania, AFL Senior Advisor Ian […]

Steve Hilton calls on Americans to stop listening to ‘idiot’ experts destroying our country

(Video: Fox News) Fox News host Steve Hilton ripped into self-appointed “experts” and those who listen to them on Sunday night, claiming they’ve been “devastatingly wrong” about […]

Professionalism of CNN’s Brian Stelter, Brian Lowry questioned after ‘truly amazing face-plant’

CNN media critic Brian Lowry, who focuses largely on entertainment, to issue with New York Times columnist Ross Douthat’s critique of two popular films while managing to […]

‘Read a history book, Bill’: Science Guy Nye gets US history education after flubbing ‘Juneteenth’ facts

If only Bill Nye would stick to science — oh, wait, he gets that wrong too… The “Science Guy” to to on Sunday to mark “Juneteenth,” […]

Deadly church shooter taken down with a folding chair, pistol whipped by hero septuagenarian at ‘Boomer Potluck’

A shooter charged with the murders of three elderly churchgoers at an Alabama potluck party was taken down by a spry man in his seventies who bashed […]

TIPP Insights: Unprecedented financial stress roils Americans

By TIPPINSIGHTS EDITORIAL BOARD, TIPP Insights Americans are under unprecedented financial stress. The stress is driven by skyrocketing inflation, a collapsing stock market, an impending recession, and […]

US Open golfer throws one club, breaks one over his knee in multi-hole tantrum

The U.S. Open is without a doubt one of golf’s most prestigious tournaments, if not the most prestigious, and the pressure on the world’s best golfers to […]

‘It’s a lie’: Louisiana man, granted custody, denies raping child’s mother as messy battle unfolds

A Louisiana man at the center of an explosive, multi-year battle in which he was awarded temporary custody of and child support for his daughter vehemently denies […]


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