Fla reporter buried when ‘Don’t Say Gay’ tweet turns into perfect example of what’s WRONG with journalism

A Friday tweet exchange between a South Florida Sun Sentinel reporter and a contributing editor for The Spectator over Florida’s Parental Rights in Education law turned into […]

Patrons ‘closing their accounts en masse’ after bank tells critics of pronoun badges to buzz off

Lest you think the war against the “we” is constrained to the United States, Britons are teaching banking giant Halifax to be careful what it wishes for […]

WaPo columnist draws scrutiny for claiming it’s not ‘Christ-like’ for minority women to be unable to abort

A Washington Post columnist is drawing scrutiny for claiming that stopping minority women from aborting/killing their babies is not “Christ-like” because minority women not aborting/killing their babies […]

Sanders rips Buttigieg over ‘unacceptable’ flight cancellations, demands ‘respect’ for flyers, crew

As thousands of Americans face flight ays and cancellations heading into the Fourth of July weekend, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has put Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on […]

Woke education agendas pop up overseas: One mom reveals her fight against school’s radical teachings

A British mother is crying foul over the radical racial and sexual content her 13-year-old daughter, Isla, and her 15-year-old daughter, Natasha, were presented at school. The […]

TikTok influencer with over 250,000 followers charged for allegedly exposing herself to minors at pool

A Georgia-based TikT “influencer” with over 250,000 followers was arrested this week for exposing her breasts to two young boys while at a swimming pool, but the […]

‘Almost a murder a day’: Big city may soon become US ‘murder capitol’ under Dem mayor’s leadership

Under the leadership of twice-elected Mayor LaToya Cantrell, New Orleans is well on its way to becoming the murder capital of the United States, according to a […]

Michael Matteo: New internet task force formed to regulate free speech

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. With all of the furor about false reports about the abortion issue and hearsay testimony that […]

Jill Biden thanks Elmo for getting a vaccine; Cruz blasts ‘woke people with their hands up his a**’

The “Sesame Street” Muppet known as Elmo has been busy attracting a lot of and “hate” over his unusual decision this week to get vaccinated. The […]

NY passes law requiring gun buyers to provide social media handles to prove their ‘character and conduct’

In an Orwellian move aimed at circumventing a Supreme Court ruling that struck down New York’s unconstitutional concealed carry gun permit requirements, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul signed […]

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