Tour de France comes to a halt when climate doomsdayers block road with glue and smoke bombs

(Video: NBC Sports) The annual Tour de France was briefly interrupted Tuesday after a group of climate doomsdayers blocked the road and set off colored sme bombs […]

Florida school board cuts dad’s mic as he begins reading ‘pornography’ allegedly found in library

A Florida father had his microphone cut off at a school board meeting as he confronted them about pornography in the library, only to have the member […]

AOC’s attempt to justify the targeting of Justice Kavanaugh by playing victim, AGAIN, goes horribly wrong

AOC is nothing if not a drama queen — which works out well for the “Kardashian in Congress,” as dubbed by Megyn Kelly — but you’d think […]

Left-wing group vows to launch ‘DontRunJoe’ campaign IF Biden doesn’t bow out after midterms

  It’s difficult to know how to take a report that a progressive left group plans to oppose President Biden running for reelection given that the doddering […]

CNN data analyst admits Jan 6 hearings haven’t helped Democrats ahead of midterms: ‘It’s inflation’

(Video: CNN) On Sunday, President Joe Biden futilely attempted to lay all of the blame for the damage his policies have wrought on the backs of congressional […]

Tucker: Don’t be distracted by salacious Hunter laptop, Joe Biden’s China dealings is the REAL news

(Video: Fox News) With all of the hubbub surrounding the 4chan leak of Hunter Biden’s alleged iCloud data, Fox News host Tucker Carlson produced a lengthy monologue […]

Lindsey Graham ordered to testify in Georgia election probe as a material witness

With all corporate media eyes on the Jan. 6 committee spectacle, little attention has been offered to certain minor league iterations happening across the country. That changed […]

KJP warns of ‘highly elevated’ inflation rate, but don’t worry they ‘understand’ your pain

With the Consumer Price Index (CPI) reflecting forty-year high inflation in May, Americans may want to brace themselves for the June numbers due out on Wednesday. The […]

AOC, Ted Lieu pressure Schumer to make clear position on whether Gorsuch, Kavanagh ‘lied under oath’

Suddenly, U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is concerned about adhering to the rule of law and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court. While AOC’s realm of influence […]

TX dad ‘justifiably’ shoots two teens allegedly breaking into car with his babies inside

A father in Texas who feared for the well-being of his family shot two teens suspected of trying to rob them. The incident to place Sunday evening […]

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