A new low: Trump-haters accuse him of burying Ivana at his Bedminster golf course to score a trifecta tax break

From the moment Donald Trump came down the escalator and announced that he would run for President in the 2016 election, Americans have witnessed the ugly depths […]

Lara Logan says illegal migrants are already getting Social Security numbers, US is giving them out at the border

  While attending an election security forum in Arizona Saturday, investigative journalist Lara Logan leveled a massive allegation against the federal government regarding illegal immigrants and Social […]

‘To protect the American dream’: AZ Republican wants to be state’s first Hispanic congresswoman

Congressional candidate Tanya Contreras Wheeless says she is a product of the American dream and, as a second-generation Mexican American who hopes to become the first Latina […]

Chris Rock cracks jokes after Will Smith’s public apology

In an apparent shot at actor Will Smith’s recent apology video, comedian Chris Rock managed to slam his assailant with a couple jes that deftly to on […]

Chick-fil-A cancels volunteer program after fierce backlash. Turns out it’s illegal to use food as reward.

A gimmick to acquire help at a North Carolina fast food restaurant was canceled after they faced massive backlash for their alleged “highly illegal” volunteer promotion.

Florida Dem candidate solicits winner of Mega Millions jackpot prize to ‘make it rain’ for his campaign

We know Democrats like to put their hands out for free stuff, but a Democrat running for Congress in Florida to begging to new levels on Saturday […]

13 habits young professionals should consider implementing

Chloe Anagnos, FEE Here are 13 professional habits you should be implementing now if you’re not already. 1. Show up 15 Minutes Early Though the saying “better […]

San Fran holds gay kink and fetish festival after declaring emergency over Monkeypox outbreak

Political science has continued to rule the decision making of progressives and the latest example is par for the course in defying logic as, despite multiple declared […]

Three reasons parents shouldn’t force kids to share their toys

Emma Elliott Freire, FEE I don’t make my kids their toys. I arrived at this decision after careful consideration. Unfortunately, that decision isn’t an easy one […]

Is poverty inescapable? An immigrant’s perspective

David L. Veksler, FEE It is now fashionable to argue against the myth of escaping poverty by “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.” In her boHand to […]