Two parents tased, one arrested for trying to rescue their kids from school where armed intruder was reported

Two parents were tased and another arrested by Arizona police on Friday as they attempted to enter a locked-down grade school after an armed intruder had reportedly […]

Ex-Clinton aide swiftly shut down for suggesting Mar-a-Lago raid proves Trump in cahoots with Putin

Former Hillary Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri just isn’t about to give up on the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” narrative, no matter how many mental backflips she has to […]

McCabe’s shocking, but mild defense: ‘Both sides’ to blame for stirring up violent rhetoric

In a rare, unexpected move, disgraced former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe mildly came to the right’s defense Friday after one of his colleagues sought to smear […]

‘You are next’: JK Rowling shares horrifying death threat she received following Rushdie stabbing

Author J.K. Rowling was threatened on Friday by a radical Islamic “social activist, political activist and research activist” after she dared to show concern about the stabbing […]

Lawsuit claims Disney facilitated Harvey Weinstein’s behavior, heiress says abuse ‘wasn’t even a secret’

Heiress Abigail Disney claims everyone knew about the abuse disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein heaped upon women, but no one had the “moral clarity” to stop him “It […]

FREELANCE WRITER WANTED, an on publishing company, and its affiliate, American Wire, an up-and-coming conservative on publication offering daily news and commentary to readers worldwide, are seeking talented freelance […]

Boebert’s fiery personality keeps her going after mic is cut during comments on Inflation Reduction Act

An attempt by House Democrats to silence Rep. Lauren Boebert as she spe out against the so-called Inflation Reduction Act on Friday failed thanks to both her […]

TIPP Insights: China milks Pelosi’s visit

By tippinsights Editorial Board, TIPP Insights The minute plans for the Speaker’s proposed visit to Taipei were leaked, and Beijing reacted with furious warnings and threats – […]

Another migrant bus arrives in NYC courtesy of Gov. Abbott, brings an extra surprise the mayor won’t like

Yet another bus filled with 89 migrants who have illegally crossed into Texas from the U.S. border with Mexico has arrived at New York City’s Port Authority […]

Did Trump commit espionage?

Did former President Donald Trump commit some crime, including possible espionage, that justifies the Department of Justice’s decision to raid his Mar-a-Lago home? While there’s no definitive […]

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