Ex-Clinton aide swiftly shut down for suggesting Mar-a-Lago raid proves Trump in cahoots with Putin

Former Hillary Clinton aide Jennifer Palmieri just isn’t about to give up on the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” narrative, no matter how many mental backflips she has to execute to tie all things Trump to Vladimir Putin.

Once the director of communications for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, Palmieri watched the FBI’s unprecedented raid on the private residence of a former president and fierce political opponent of the current administration, and she didn’t think “overreach.” She didn’t think “Orwell” or “banana republic.”

No, before the warrant authorizing the shocking stunt was unsealed, Jennifer Palmieri thought “Kompromat” and implied that Trump was handing over all sorts of super-secret salacious stuff on the leader of France to the president of Russia.

Quoting a tweet from the Wall Street Journal which reported that 11 sets of classified information had been removed from Mar-a-Lago, Palmieri tweeted, “Imagining the call some poor person in Biden Administration is having to make to Macron right now.”

Eager to take the bait, one of Palmieri’s followers asked if former first lady Melania Trump had a “crush” on President Emmanuel Macron.

Totally maybe, Palmieri dished back, but that wasn’t the big point she was trying to cleverly make.

The real issue is that Macron is “a threat to Putin,” so, obviously, among the items pulled from Mar-a-Lago must be dirt on Macron that Trump couldn’t wait to deliver to Russia’s largely reviled leader.

Or, at least, that was the implication.

But in case some among her fans were too slow to grasp her meaning, Palmieri issued another tweet in which she quote-tweeted herself to drive her theory home.

“Racking my brain here…” she teased, “which world leader would find Kompromat on Macron valuable?”

As one user noted, “kompromat” is a word that describes “compromising information collected for use in blackmailing, discrediting, or manipulating someone, typically for political purposes.”

And clearly, the name for which Palmieri was disingenuously searching was “Donald Trump.”

In other words, based on nothing but a headline about nondescript documents, Palmieri deduced — but is too passive-aggressive to actually come out and clearly state — that President Joe Biden was tasking a White House official with calling French President Emmanuel Macron and warning him that former President Donald Trump had stolen incriminating evidence on him from the United States and was turning it over to Moscow so that Vladimir Putin can neutralize the man he views as a threat to the success of his evil genius Russian plans.

Racking, said one optimistic user, shouldn’t take much, because Palmieri is “not too bright.”

“Seek relevancy much?” asked another. “Losers will always be losers!!!”

But for another astute user, the question isn’t whether or not Palmieri is right, it’s how could she possibly know what was contained in the information the FBI removed?

“How would @HillaryClinton ex aide know what was in the alleged FBI info taken from the Trump’s home if no information has been released from FBI yet?” the user asked Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Jr., and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

“I guess @HillaryClinton is involved in setting President Trump up?” the user mused. “Any ideas?”


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