Man who calls himself ‘incel’ charged for pepper spraying women AND slapped with hate crime

Johnny Deven Young, a 25-year-old man who calls himself an “incel,” was arrested on several charges related to allegedly pepper spraying multiple women. Young reportedly filmed these […]

Teacher’s union chief steps on historical rake when desperate DeSantis dunk exposes her ignorance

The president of one of the largest teachers’ unions in the United States, Randi Weingarten, may have slept through her history classes. The evidence? A tweet in […]

WA sheriff: ‘Devastating’ homeless crisis caused by left’s ‘Marxist philosophy’ has people ‘living in fear’

While progressive leaders in Spane, Washington pass the buck of responsibility for an ongoing homeless crisis, the local sheriff suggested the source of the problem “devastating that […]

Nearly 50 CA sheriff’s deputies stripped of arresting powers, firearms over poor psych evaluations

Nearly 50 California sheriff’s deputies have been stripped of their arresting powers and firearms because of the unsatisfactory ratings they received on psychological evaluations they underwent six […]

‘The entire World is at stake’: Trump offers to head up talks to end ‘Russia/Ukraine catastrophe’

President Joe Biden may have talked tough at the onset of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but after seven months of conflict, billions in American tax dollars […]

Victim of gruesome subway attack furious at mayor Adams for going on trip while NYC suffers

A New York City mother of five who was beaten bloody by a convicted murderer out on parole earlier this month at a Queens subway platform is […]

Ted Cruz lone holdout in bill sparked by Jan 6th: ‘This bill is a bad law… all about Donald J. Trump’

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, chose the U.S. Constitution of political posturing, the only member of that was once known as the “august upper chamber” of Congress to […]

Packers’ Aaron Rodgers says Tampa Bay Jumbotron showed something it ‘probably shouldn’t’ in big win

Under we Commissioner Roger Gool, who has all but banned hard hitting, the NFL seems to take on and soap opera-like qualities where there’s as […]

TIPP: Countering Chinese hegemony in the Pacific

By TIPP EDITORIAL BOARD TIPP Insights President Biden is hosting leaders from the Pacific Islands, at the White House, in what is termed a “historic” event today. […]

Best political cartoons: California biker, reimagined

Cartoons of the day: In case you missed this:

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