Fmr Oregon mayor sentenced to 6 mos. for possessing child pornography: ‘You know, we make mistakes’

A federal judge sentenced the former Democratic mayor of a suburb of Portland, Oregon, to six months in federal prison for possessing child pornography involving kids under […]

Some ‘traumatized’ Chicago vendors paying gangs for protection as mayor says go cashless to avoid crime

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is engaging in another “Let them eat cake” moment by telling “traumatized” tamale street vendors, who are being terrorized by criminals in the […]

Oregon man arrested for allegedly selling meth, marijuana to kids from RV he parked near schools

A man identified as Jeremy Lee Linville, 47, was arrested last week after police caught him allegedly selling methamphetamine and marijuana to schoolchildren in Eugene, Oregon from […]

Fla. teacher resigned after sheriff revealed her lewd behavior with inmate during school hours

With only five months to go before retirement, a Florida teacher resigned this week after her lewd behavior on a video call with a prison inmate was […]

Frustrated over lack of classified doc answers, journo tells KJP ‘you don’t seem a good fit for this job’

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has her hands full dealing with the fallout over four tranches of classified information being discovered at President Joe Biden’s former […]

‘They want to be feared’: Dave Chappelle slams protesters who allegedly attacked fans before 2022 show

Comedian Dave Chappelle is as no-nonsense as it gets when it comes to expressing his views which have resulted in no shortage of backlash from alphabet activists […]

Journalist nukes the trans ‘war on tomboys’ as children face pressure to make irreversible decisions

Nina Power, the senior editor for Compact Magazine, is decrying the “war on tomboys,” contending it is normal for girls to be interested in mascu hobbies or […]

Biden announces US will deliver tanks to Ukraine, days after Pentagon spox said ‘it doesn’t make sense’

Already nearing the one-year mark, President Joe Biden signaled an even protracted conflict between Russia and Ukraine Wednesday, reversing the Pentagon’s position and moving forward with […]

A&W jokingly updates mascot’s ‘polarizing’ wardrobe day after M&Ms spokescandy announcement

In what has every marking of trolling a competitor, A&W Restaurants announced that its mascot will now wear denim jeans to avoid the risk of being “polarizing.” […]

Schoolboard member called out for tweeting ‘whiteness is evil’ uses race card to double down

Invincible ignorance was given a run for its money by the virtue of victimhood as a Michigan school board member under fire for racist remarks doubled down […]

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