Wild video shows speeding car fly through the air like a scene out of ‘Grand Theft Auto’

Wild body cam footage shows a 21-year-old woman driving her car onto a tow truck ramp at high-speed on a highway in Georgia and launching off it, […]

West Oakland activists latch on to environmental justice to push for reparations: ‘It still comes down to race’

Even equal outcomes are no longer enough for the permanent victim class as activists clamp onto another supposed justification for government payouts. “Don’t talk to me about […]

Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly ‘freaking out’, fears retaliation after narcing on Cuban inmates

Disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell is now claiming that she is living in constant fear of being targeted by two violent Cuban inmates that she ratted on after […]

HS student says debate judge ‘warned’ her not to bring up Trump: ‘She deemed it inappropriate’

After the National Speech & Debate Association (NSDA) was said to be overrun with we ideology, a high school sopho stepped forward alleging she had been “warned” […]

Target diversity executive demands ‘white women’ use their voice to combat systemic racism

Target Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Kiera Fernandez claimed that it’s the role of white women to call out transgressions and systemic racism, telling a white employee […]

An arrest has been made nearly four months after shooting death of GOP New Jersey councilwoman

Nearly four months after a Republican New Jersey councilwoman was murdered outside her home, a suspect known to the victim was arrested Tuesday in Virginia. (Video: Fox […]

LGBTQ+ activists putting pressure on corporations as ‘Pride’ backlash intensifies: ‘You need to be our ally’

In the wake of a massive backlash against Target over its Pride displays, activists in the LGBTQ+ community are crafting campaigns to pressure companies to be their […]

Trump sparks Twitter battle with his vow to end ‘automatic U.S. citizenship’ for illegal immigrants

Former President Donald Trump has made a grand promise that “experts” say it would be impossible for him to fulfill and leftists say it would be “un-American” […]

Biden reportedly doling out cushy diplomatic jobs to deep-pocketed Dem donors

President Joe Biden has been doling out cushy diplomatic jobs to deep-ed donors despite his pledge to base his choices for the plum foreign positions on the […]

Enraged airline passenger confronts ‘racist’ man after reading his texts

Taila Rouse was seated on a flight from Puerto Rico to Atlanta when she happened to notice the man next to her derogatorily texting about having to […]

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