Miraculous tooth regrowing drug ‘to begin human trials next year’: ‘Every dentist’s dream’

A miracle drug out of Japan evidently has the potential to grow a new set of teeth in adults who don’t have them due to “congenital factors” […]

‘Behavior conveys guilt’: GOP shreds Biden for ‘naked attempt’ to try and bury damning Afghan report

President Biden is being eviscerated by Republicans over his administration’s evident burying of a scathing report from the State Department concerning the catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal ahead of […]

‘Enough!’ James Woods SCHOOLS lefty journo eager to blow off WH cocaine debacle

As the investigation into who brought a bag of cocaine into a secure area of the White House enters Day 5 without a suspect in sight, the […]

Wild video shows suspect escape after stabbing man aboard Toronto train; fleeing passengers ignore pleas for help

“When a hero like Daniel Penny is needed.” While Daniel Penny is fighting to stay out of prison for coming to the aid of straphangers in New […]

Ted Cruz rips Biden student debt plan as appealing to ‘unemployed slackers smoking bongs’

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) was blunt on his “Verdict” podcast Thursday, describing the Democrats’ demographic that wants to have their student loans forgiven as “sort of young […]

RF Getty. teens activists climate change protest
Soros-backed advocacy group, Dems continue push to lower voting age to 16 — and they’re gaining ground

Conservatives have been warning for years that far-left Democrats are “coming for your children,” and a movement that is quietly gaining momentum — along with some disturbing […]

Hilarious video captures would-be robber being totally ignored by Atlanta nail salon patrons

A wannabe robber may want to consider a different of work after a humiliating experience where his potential victims simply ignored him. The cro is captured […]

Consultants padded pockets with now-canceled taxpayer-funded $64M New York COVID app

Just two years after then-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled an Orwellian COVID-19 passport app — the “Excelsior Pass” — as a way to gain entry to […]

‘Brazen and disgusting’? Folks have serious concerns about Zuckerberg’s new Threads logo

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s newest endeavor Threads could face serious legal problems with threatening to sue after accusing the platform of “systematic, willful and unlawful misappropriation” […]

NBA star gives conflicting reaction to Britney Spears after she was slapped in the face by his security

Chaos ensued in Las Vegas after singer Britney Spears reportedly grabbed NBA star Victor Wembanyama from behind, resulting in his security detail allegedly backhanding the pop diva, […]

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