A thing of beauty: Warnock surrogate allegedly calls TN vet, who calmly guts her every talking point

While the midterm elections may be mostly behind us, they are still top of mind in Georgia, where early voting has already begun in the runoff between Republican Herschel Walker and incumbent Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock for a coveted Senate seat.

The election raised eyebrows on social media after a Tennessee resident, U.S. veteran and homeless advocate Dom Lucre, posted a recorded call he says came from Sen. Warnock’s campaign.

If true, claim many, it is an example of voter fraud, as Lucre lives out-of-state.

As American Wire can not verify the identity of the caller, we won’t speculate on this. Instead, we’d rather focus on Lucre’s effortless evisceration of every liberal talking point the caller threw at him.

It was, simply put, a thing of beauty, and it has set conservative Twitter on fire.

The video of the call, which Lucre recorded, picks up mid-conversation, with the caller stating, “…that’s why Trump loves autocrats like [Russian President Vladimyr] Putin and [former Brazilian President Jair] Bolsenaro.”

Lucre politely listens, then shreds her points with a few of his own.

“Everything you said, that makes a lot of sense,” he began. “I was just wondering, because you’ve never had the opportunity to live in Georgia — I did. I lived in Georgia for… most of my life, but I lived in Atlanta for three years. And Atlanta is considered, like, the mecca in Georgia.”

Lucre went on to explain that the city is the “epitome of wealth” in Georgia, yet crime is continuing to soar.

“Atlanta is the only city I’ve seen where the richest areas or the richest gas stations, you see people getting robbed, mugged, kidnapped, etc.” he said., noting that there are “constant shootings Downtown.”

While the caller tried to claim it was probably due to the “inequality of wealth,” in the city, Lucre gently set her straight.

“As a black man myself — actually being black and understanding equality — and coming from very humble beginnings and doing well for myself now, I’ll tell you, I’ve seen a lot of people choose to do the things they did down there, and I’ve seen the people that was leadership down there, and I know if the leadership is red, the people that’s blue, they would claim that the red people are responsible for it,” he said. “But since blue has been in charge of Atlanta for so long, and their murder rates are rising, the infrastructure is horrible, the traffic is getting worse — I mean, it is literally like one of the human trafficking hubs. Women out there are afraid of white vans. Children are selling dope. And hip hop is the culture of the city.”

“It is a severely lacking city,” he stated, “and there’s no disparity of wealth because, when you think of the rich in Atlanta, I think the black person. I mean, those are the people in Lamborghinis. Those are the people in the Rolls Royces. So I don’t really see much disparity there. I just see a lot of bad choices.”

“That’s why people are voting for Herschel Walker,” he continued. “Because people just want to see a change. They want to take a jump.”

The seven-minute call continued in much the same vein, with the stammering caller trying to convince Lucre that progressive policies are a good thing, and Lucre calmly, respectfully demolishing her every argument, be it about dark money, the media, or homelessness.

In the end, the caller, clearly frustrated, simply hung up on him.

“You see,” Lucre stated after the line went dead, “that’s what we get. Don’t call a Republican trying to have me vote for no damn Senator Warnock.”

The Twitter post has since been “liked” 33.4 thousand times and retweeted nearly 14,000 times, with users cheering the young man on.

“Thank you for sharing,” wrote one user. “The #DemocraticParty has a history of #Racism and their socialist policies have oppressed their most loyal voting block.”

“This was hysterical to watch because the poor woman had zero chance, he was so far out of her league,” stated another. “It was like taking candy from a baby.”

And yet another commended Lucre for his mad skills.

“You’ve got some A-1 debating skills!” the user exclaimed. “Poor Lefty lady, you decimated her.”

As we said, it was a beautiful thing to behold.


Melissa Fine


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