America headed for more dangerous recession than the economy as US adversaries are emboldened, Congressman warns

A GOP congressman is out with a column calling for the military to return to focusing on “readiness and lethality” versus “wokeness.”

Written by Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman for Fox News, the column begins with the Republican congressman noting that one thing missing from all the TV discussions/debates about an impending recession is a chat about “a recession of recruitment for our military.”

“Long-term, the failure of our Armed Forces to meet their recruiting objectives across all branches could pose far worse consequences for the United States than the sluggish economy,” Bergman writes.

“During testimony on March 29, 2023, Lt. Gen. Caroline Miller, deputy chief of staff for manpower, personnel and services, stated, ‘The Air Force is projected to fall below [fiscal year 2023] active duty recruiting goals by roughly 4,100,'” he adds.

The same thing is happening in the Army, the Navy, and the Marines. These losses mark the “first failure to meet active-duty recruitment projections since 1999.”

Remarking recently about all this, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. David Berger said, “The Marine Corps is struggling to recruit talented young Americans in a competitive economy and from a society increasingly distant from the military.”

Bergman agrees.

“There are plenty of factors we can point to in explaining this phenomenon of faltering recruitment – from pay rate and physical eligibility to politicization and woke policies that hamper readiness and retention, driving out many who otherwise wish to serve our nation. A recent poll found that only 38% of Americans say patriotism is important to them. This certainly plays a part in our military recruitment woes,” he writes (emphasis added).

“At a time when adversaries such as Iran, China and Russia are becoming increasingly emboldened, we can’t afford the dwindling numbers of those willing to step up in defense of our Constitution, our values and our land. In recent years, there has been an undeniable correlation between the recruitment recession and the politicization and DEI-obsessed ‘leadership’ at the Pentagon,” he continues.

What does this obsession with so-called “diversity, equity, and inclusion” look like? It looks like the military “telling our men and women they are inherently racist” and evil. The problem is this isn’t the best way of building unity and cohesion.

But it doesn’t seem to matter to the “experts” and “scientists.” According to Bergman, they’re desperate to use the military to conduct social experiments.

There’s just one problem …

“Let me be clear, our men and women in our military are not a social experiment. Their objective is not to play out some ideologue’s thesis on gender, race or a hot button issue du jour. Their objective is readiness and strength in the face of danger. Nothing more and nothing less,” the GOP congressman writes.


He concludes the column by warning that America’s adversaries are taking note of this weakness and planning accordingly.

“When decay of this nature sets in, shrinking the size and capabilities of our defenses, our enemies will take note – and they have already. Without a course correction, our adversaries will become even more bold in poking the American bear,” he writes.

“If we don’t see a pivot in priorities for our military leadership, one that moves away from social justice experiments and climate change doctrine back to readiness and lethality, this recession will wreak unthinkable havoc on our national security,” he adds.

Responding to the column, many Twitter users were quick to ask why anyone in their right mind would even consider joining the military under the current extremely “woke” and politically correct administration.

“Why would anyone voluntarily join the armed forces right now❓”  one critic tweeted.

See more responses below:

Vivek Saxena


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