Apple iPhone’s new ‘Clean Energy Charging’ mode is stressing people out in more ways than one

The cult of climate change has come to Apple, it would appear.

The complications of clean energy may now play a role in how your iPhone charges and some folks are not too happy about that, given that it could result in slower charging times.

In what Fox Business billed as “a somewhat new feature,” iPhones have a new mode “intended to reduce the carbon footprint by charging only when lower carbon-emission electricity is available.”

“Apple introduced Clean Energy Charging with the release of iOS 16.1 on Oct. 24, 2022,” the network reported. “The company claims that when the mode is enabled and a phone is connected to a charger, the iPhone gets a report of carbon emissions generated by the local energy grid and uses that information to determine when to charge the phone.”

The important factor here being that the feature is optional — for now, anyway.

Currently, the mode is available in the U.S. only and is set to the “on” position by default, according to Apple.

Fox Business advices that to turn the mode off, users need to go into their iPhone settings, click “Battery,” “Battery Health & Charging,” then turn off “Clean Energy Charging.”

If you do opt to turn it off, one social media user said expect to be shamed:

Here’s a quick sampling of other responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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