‘Discriminatory’ plan to make part of Australian national park men-only causes outrage

A plan to make part of a New South Wales, Australian national park men-only, banning local Indigenous women from visiting Mount Warning which is considered a “men’s […]

Indiana police officer and wife celebrate adoption of newborn girl abandoned in ‘Safe Haven Baby Box’

An Indiana police officer and his wife are joyfully celebrating this Thanksgiving the adoption of a newborn baby girl just months after she was abandoned in a […]

Is this stochastic terrorism? Colorado Springs Christian ministry vandalized over gay club shooting

A sign outside a local Christian ministry in Colorado Springs was defaced on Thanksgiving by a group of far-left extremists who, just like the media, blame Christian […]

‘WE’RE FIIIIINE!’ Joe Rogan explodes over California police wanting robots to be able to use deadly force

As America inches closer to a dystopian nightmare, the San Francisco Police Department is petitioning the progressive city’s Board of Supervisors, seeking permission to allow its robots […]

Newsom rejects calls to run in 2024, says he’s ‘all in’ on a second Biden term

The complete collapse of the Republican Party in the midterm elections that were predicted to bring a sea change to American governance as voters rebuked the deeply […]

Disney reportedly shelled out $10m for Bob Iger to advise recently-ousted CEO Bob Chapek

Disney’s efforts to salvage its tanking reputation with the ousting of CEO Bob Chapek and the return of Bob Iger were not all as they appeared as […]

‘Are you f***ing high?’ NBC journo claims parents are fine with kids being exposed to sex, why not drag shows?

NBC News tech and culture reporter Kat Tenbarge is asserting that since parents tolerate their children going to concerts where the singers dress and sing suggestively, they […]

Rep. Donalds calls for release of Biden suspicious activity reports, even has Maxine Waters on his side

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds has called for any and all suspicious activity reports on President Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, and crack-sming son, Hunter, to immediately be forwarded […]

‘Not in front of the elders’: Bride defends clip of her giving new hubby NSFW lap dance

A mother of three posted a six-second clip of her lap dancing for her husband at their wedding reception and quickly racked up than 5.6 million […]

Geraldo is having a hard time grasping DeSantis’ pro-freedom message, Twitter helps him out

Even though the Republican “red wave” fizzled with the party vastly underperforming in the midterm elections, one of the bright spots was that the free state of […]

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