CNBC releases report on how great things will be if utility companies control your appliances

The Left fantasizes about clean energy and CNBC seems particularly obsessed with the subject, frustrated that the U.S. struggles to modernize the grid. On Monday, the news […]

Authorities exhume FIFTY THREE bags of human remains in Mexico after dog spotted carrying human hand

Approximately 53 bags of human remains have been uncovered at a makeshift grave site in the town of Irapuato after locals reported seeing a dog with a […]

Florida University pushes divisive and dangerous woke agenda on medical students, investigation finds

Critical race theory is at the core of the University of Florida College of Medicine curriculum, with hiring and recruitment and student indoctrination beginning the moment they […]

HHS urges the reimplementation of mask mandates to curb ‘Long Covid’, those who oppose are bigots

The Science™ is refusing to go out without a fight and nearly halfway through a propaganda-filled report on the vaguely defined “Long COVID” released Monday, the Department […]

VP Harris appears ready to walk off stage before being reminded to greet servicemembers

Vice President Kamala Harris was giving a speech in the Philippines when it los like she had to be reminded to greet the servicemen and women standing […]

Fiancé of Jan 6 defendant levels outrageous human rights violations allegedly occurring in DC jail

Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted a January 6 defendant on his show Thursday night who was reportedly denied cancer treatment for eight months while in prison […]

Tucker slams clothing brand for ‘CREEPY’ ad campaign with toddlers holding teddy bears in bondage

Fox News host Tucker Carlson exposed a depraved ad campaign for fashion house Balenciaga that appears to use toddlers cuddling teddy bears in bondage outfits while the […]

Dem Senator admits Trump ‘was right’, urges parents to get their kids off TikTok: ‘Enormous threat’

Democrats “want political gain at the expense of U.S. national security” but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle and counter-terrorism analysts are urging parents to get […]

‘Permanently suspended’ MTG Twitter account is back, and she’s got something to say!

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., has not been able to access her personal account for nearly a year. On Monday, she announced that it had finally […]

‘Fox & Friends’ praise Charlamagne tha God for recognizing most of America is like Florida, costal elites have themselves fooled

After Democrats and corporate media jumped to claim Republicans gaining control of the House of Representatives as a victory because the big red wave was not as […]

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