Kirk Cameron announces book to fight indoctrination of children: ‘Light will always outshine the darkness’

Just in time for Christmas, actor Kirk Cameron joined the stable of Brave Bo authors with a newly released children’s bo he hopes will help “fight back” […]

Virginia veteran who bucked Covid orders vows to fight on after his restaurant stormed by authorities

The perceived danger of COVID may have receded, but the dangers of the draconian COVID response have lingered on and Friday a Virginia business owner to the […]

‘Bake the cake, bigot!’ VA restaurant meets backlash for cancelling Christian event over political views

A Virginia restaurant’s last-minute decision to crank the left’s double standard up to 11 when their staff’s feelings were threatened by a Christian group’s dinner reservation was […]

Trump sets the record straight on Constitution comments, slams the ‘FOOLS’ who’d believe otherwise

In classic style, former President Donald Trump refused to stand idly by as a narrative was built around his reaction to “The Files” and he came […]

James Woods abruptly says goodbye to Twitter: ‘It’s simply too exhausting’

An outspen conservative is a rare thing in Hollywood making their impact all the powerful when weighing in on important issues, and so, when actor James […]

Iconic actress Kirstie Alley dies. John Travolta, army of celebs, fans react with heartbreak

Tributes spread across social media late Monday as family, friends, co-stars and fans from all walks off life learned of the passing of actress Kirstie Alley. After […]

Elderly Home Depot worker dies 6 weeks after being shoved to floor, ‘serial shoplifter’ remains at-large

A shoplifting incident has turned into a possible homicide after an elderly Home Depot employee attempted to keep a suspect from making off with just over $800 […]

ABC pulls GMA anchors T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach ‘indefinitely’ after secret love affair revealed

Following revelations that “GMA3” on air co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach were having an off-air extramarital relationship, ABC News executive Kim Godwin reportedly made a decision […]

Grandfather says God’s ‘quiet voice’ compels him to forgive FedEx ‘psycho’ accused of killing 7-year-old girl

In an emotional testament speaking to the power of faith, the grandfather of murdered seven-year-old Athena Strand contrasted what he would do given “5 minutes alone” with […]

Two surviving Idaho roommates speak out for first time after brutal murders, long for ‘one last hug’

Weeks after their lives had been spared while four fellow University of Idaho students were brutally murdered, 19-year-olds Bethany Funke and Dylan Mortensen offered their first emotional […]


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