‘Age of GOP handouts to Big Business is over’: Josh Hawley delivers ‘woke’ businesses wakeup call with new bill

The impact of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) proactive leadership is resonating with voters, and at least one fellow Republican is taking note and following suit declaring the […]

GOP Sens turn up the heat on Delaware prosecutor for suspicious recusal in Hunter Biden case

A new inquiry from Republican senators has presented doubts about the integrity of the Department of Justice, regarding the federal tax fraud investigation of Hunter Biden, as […]

‘Oh look, UFOs!’ House intel to have a hearing on UAPs for first time in fifty years

With the House of Representatives set to hold its first hearing on UFOs (now UAPs) in than fifty years, earnest concerns about potential national security threats […]

Victor Davis Hanson: Prepare for desperate Dems to ‘frighten everybody’ with doomsday scenario

(Video: Fox News) Every week marks another crisis for the Democrats to address and, as they foresee losing their grip on control this November, Victor Davis Hanson […]

Psaki shirks blame, lays out ‘steps’ administration is finally taking to address baby formula shortage

As mothers plead their desperation and display “fear in their eyes” with baby formula shortages driving prices over $100 per can on auction sites, the White House […]

Incoming WH Press spox KJP hysterically calling Fox News racists over and over is not a good start

(Video: MSNBC) With White House press secretary Jen Psaki completing her tenure at the end of this week, the list of items she will never “circle back” […]

Mob grows outside Alito’s house; stepped up security just watches crime in action

Despite unanimous efforts from the Senate concerned for the safety of the Supreme Court Justices and in violation of existing laws, leftist protestors marched to the home […]

Road-raging woman with three young kids in the car reportedly shoots 17-yr-old in the face

A Georgia woman turned herself in to the authorities Sunday night after allegedly stalking another vehicle before drawing a gun and firing, striking a 17-year-old female in […]

Stacey Abrams’ newly acquired wealth and ‘unique’ business relationships under scrutiny

Despite repeated denials of impropriety, Georgia Democrat and 2022 gubernatorial hopeful Stacey Abrams remains under close scrutiny after a recent investigation from the Government Accountability Institute (GAI) […]

Kansas lawmakers demand answers on law that would dole out $1 billion to mystery company

Following the enactment of a law that could result in their state turning over than $1 billion in subsidies to an undisclosed company, Kansas lawmakers are […]