‘What happened to that guy?’ Twitter reacts to iconic musician’s dramatic exit announcement

Iconic musician Elton John joined the ranks of narrative peddlers with a virtue-signaling departure from Friday, citing “unchecked” but unspecified “misinformation” that prompted some direct responses […]

‘People could be charged’: Idaho police warn overzealous internet sleuths to back off

The lack of satisfying progress surrounding the investigation of the murder of four University of Idaho students has driven internet detectives down paths of “speculation and rumors,” […]

Loudoun County Public Schools fires superintendent following grand jury report

Following a grand jury investigation into a Virginia school system’s handling of multiple sexual assaults, the modicum of accountability meted out was soured by the fired superintendent’s […]

Priorities? Defense Department dropped $91,000 on diversity seminars for the Air Force Band

The we agenda permeating the United States military isn’t merely the pushing of progressive ideologies, it also appears to be an opportunity to pick winners and losers […]

‘It is barbaric’: AP stylebook update addressing ‘late-term abortion’ met with immediate backlash

The Associated Press dropped their update in the march toward a “Newspeak” lexicon Tuesday with guidance on the usage of “late-term abortion” that was met with swift […]

US judge drops Khashoggi murder case against Saudi crown prince ‘based on head-of-state immunity’

Despite promises from President Joe Biden of “consequences,” four years after the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, an “uneasy” court granted Saudi Arabian Crown Prince […]

‘The Office’ star says show’s ‘never’ good for next gen; so inappropriate, most characters would be cancelled

Writer and actress Mindy Kaling’s demonstrated how out of touch Hollywood elites are with everyday citizens while criticizing her own wildly popular show as “so inappropriate” the […]

Tom Cotton leaves woke Kroger CEO, asking for GOP help, speechless in Senate hearing: ‘Best of luck’

The phrase “go we, go bre” isn’t merely an expression and two grocery store chains might yet experience some of the real-world consequences of pushing the progressive […]

Walker loses to Warnock; Furious Laura Ingraham ‘pissed’ at GOP leadership

Emotions ran high following the projected results for the Georgia Senate runoff election as “pissed” conservative voices spe out including former President Donald Trump. (Video: Fox News) […]

Details emerge behind violent breakdown of Chris Christie’s niece that got her booted off flight

Following the initial reports of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) niece getting removed from a Thanksgiving flight, the basis for her violent behavior may have […]


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