Bedlam outside Manhattan courthouse as protesters clash with each other and the press

As the country waits for former President Trump to arrive at the Manhattan courthouse where he will be arraigned at 2:15 pm today, the scene outside is totally off the rails with those supporting Trump in a crazy faceoff with anti-Trump protesters that is classic New York City.

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Chaos abounds as those outside heckled the press and the press in turn put their hands on Trump supporters. Nutcases in every outfit imaginable are in attendance – the craziest of the lot are foaming-at-the-mouth Trump haters.

Democrat protesters clanged cowbells and called for Trump to “wake up and smell the justice.” That’s in contrast to Trump’s many fans who are declaring their support, love, and loyalty in the face of the unhinged Trump derangement syndrome on full display.

A Trump impersonator in a limousine showed up confusing some of those attending. Then the anger kicked in and the gloves came off.

Trump fan Juliet Germanotta launched herself at an anti-Trump banner and tried to shred it. A tussle ensued and she yelled, “I have COVID!”

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Stephanie Bertini, a reporter with Fox 5, was heckled by anti-Trump protesters. They shouted her down as she tried to report on the events taking place.

She wasn’t the only Fox News reporter to get harangued either.

Another deranged black woman who was painted white was seen yelling “F**k white people!”

TPUSA reporter Savanah Hernandez confronted the woman and posted the exchange to Twitter, “NYC- I asked the leftist protester screaming profanities why she’s trying to instigate violence with Trump supporters: ‘Because I’m black and I like violence, I’m an animal, I’m a black animal!’ She screams. Her friend then says it ‘performance art.'”

Disgraced Congressman George Santos made a surprise appearance heading to the courthouse and was chased into the street by the media and protesters.

And then there is the circus that took place when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene arrived. Her car was swarmed and she used a bullhorn on a bench to address the masses. She was whisked away by security a short time later.

She declared the case was a “travesty” and that it should “never happen in America ever.” Greene pointed out that if Trump can be prosecuted then “Americans should be concerned.” She also reportedly compared Trump to Nelson Mandela and Jesus Christ, according to the Daily Mail.

While trying to speak to Trump supporters, she was drowned out by anti-Trump protesters who were screaming, “We don’t like Nazis in New York!” and “Go back to Georgia b****!” Another man told her to “get out of our f***ing city” and “Shove your Jewish space lasers up your a**!”

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New York’s own Rep. Jamaal Bowman was among the crowd shouting as Greene left the Manhattan courthouse, telling her to get out.

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Trump had many loyal supporters show up.

Those included Ricardo “Ricky Superstar” Varano, a 62-year-old, 7-Eleven cashier from the Bronx.

“If he goes down I’ll go down. I’ve got to do what I’ve got to do. I’m here to make people feel this is real, I’m with Donald Trump all the way. This indictment is phony. It’s a hoax. They have to find something because they see these rallies and they see he is building so they want to stop him,” he told the Daily Mail.

“How can you stop people who are encouraging people and trying to make the world a better place? We had no problems under him as president for four years. I’m going down to the courthouse!” Varano proclaimed, expressing the sentiments of many others.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg slinked into his office a few hours ago.

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Reporters began lining up outside the courthouse 21 hours ahead of Trump’s arraignment. By 6 am, there were over 120 reporters outside, according to the Daily Mail. Cameras, phones, and laptops have been banned inside the courtroom for the event.

Trump’s team claims he has raised $8 million in donations over all this already.

The former president is now leading in Massachusetts and in New Hampshire. He leads Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) by 24 points in Massachusetts, according to a Boston Herald/Opinion Diagnostics poll. In New Hampshire, he leads DeSantis by 13 points.



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