Bernardo Arévalo’s backers: Accept our pawn or burn

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The Joe Biden regime’s totalitarian actions abroad predict what it will do at home. The regime is showing its contempt for law, truth, and US constituents by forcing a president on Guatemala. If Guatemala applies its laws it will suffer US-promoted violence. The alternative is to accede to the Biden regime’s openly illegal imposition.

Biden’s allies did this in 2020 with their so-called peaceful protests that included burning buildings. Democrat mayors, governors, and Justice Department bureaucrats did nothing because this is their playbook.

Unlike in 2020, the Biden people now control the presidency. They cannot afford to surrender power in 2025, lest the Obama-Biden agenda falter and they face justice for their crimes. Akin to a third-world country, the regime will do whatever is necessary to defeat American liberty and continue building its tyranny.

Evidence points toward a State Department (DOS)-managed fraud in Guatemala’s 2023 elections. The objective is to install communist puppet Bernardo Arévalo as president. Electoral-authority magistrates met with DOS personnel before the election, and DOS has praised the electoral authorities, even though they conspired with Arévalo’s Semilla party.

Guatemalan Attorney General Consuelo Porras is dedicated to the law. She is investigating the electoral vote count and Arévalo’s Semilla party’s fraudulent registration. The Biden regime has demonized and lied about Porras, as it routinely does to its enemies.

The Biden regime has said the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) lacks authority over electoral matters. This is false. Guatemala’s electoral law holds that electoral crimes and misdemeanors must be processed according to the penal code. The Constitution assigns criminal prosecution exclusively to the PGO.

The PGO has, as the law requires, investigated pursuant to more than 1,000 criminal complaints. A court consequently suspended Semilla and issued search warrants for electoral materials.

The PGO has been transparent and is routinely informing the public. Of the minimum 25,000 members required to register a political party, more than 8,000 Semilla registrations were fraudulent. Arévalo cannot serve as president if the party is canceled.

On September 12, the PGO legally seized electoral materials, drawing DOS condemnation. The original tally sheets were not where the law requires them to be, a crime by the DOS-praised electoral authority.

On September 30, the PGO again seized electoral materials. The electoral-authority magistrates physically attempted to restrain the PGO agents, which is a crime. However, the Biden regime flipped the truth and asserted the PGO was wrong. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan denounced “last week’s undemocratic efforts to … intimidate election authorities.” The videos leave no doubt that Sullivan lied.

Having failed to stop Porras from enforcing the law, the next step was violence. The NGO 48 Cantones, a guerrilla-successor group that has received USAID financing, blocked roads and access to PGO offices. This impeded the PGO’s investigation and findings for release.

Assistant Secretary of State Brian Nichols condemned on October 18 a high-court order to the executive to apply the law to violent demonstrators. DOS issued an October 31 statement accusing the PGO of calling “for the forced removal of peaceful protestors.” Again, the videos confirm DOS was lying.

DOS has engaged in an information warfare campaign against Porras to stop her investigations and discredit what she could reveal. We used such information warfare against Cold War adversaries. Now the Biden regime applies the tactic to democratic allies.

The Biden regime has abused power to deceive the Guatemalan public and intimidate its institutions and private sector, including with overt violence. If Guatemala’s authorities apply the law, Biden regime NGOs will unleash more violence and allege “undemocratic” actions stopping the president-elect from taking power.

The Biden regime has conditioned the Guatemalan public to falsely blame Porras for recent violence, even though it is regime sponsored.

While destabilizing democratic Guatemala, the Biden regime has said nothing about Maduro annulling a primary election. So much for the regime’s claim about protecting Guatemala’s will.

If Guatemalan authorities violate the law to keep the peace the puppet will be president, as the Biden regime demands. Guatemala will be on a path to Honduras, whose president has praised Cuba and Venezuela. 

Under Xiomara Castro, Honduras has broken relations with Taiwan and established them with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). As he did with the Puebla Group in September, Arêvalo will join Colombian Gustavo Petro, Venezuelan Nicolás Maduro, and Brazilian Luiz “Lula” da Silva, among other Biden favorites, in supporting the CCP and Iran.

If Arévalo is president, Guatemala will remain open for smugglers of people, drugs, and weapons. The Biden regime’s flooding of our country will continue unabated.

Meanwhile, the Republican-majority House is nearly silent about the Biden regime’s criminality against Guatemala. The House must expose this weaponization of the US government to educate the public and propose legislation to fix the unaccountable federal bureaucracy.

This education can instruct US citizens regarding what to prepare for in the 2024 elections.


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