Biden calls the upcoming year ‘2020,’ irrationally insists COVID is still ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’

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President Joe Biden has chosen to ring in the new year by engaging in the same dubious behavior as last year, including avoiding taking responsibility, lecturing the unvaccinated, getting the most basic facts completely wrong and dodging tough questions.

Just prior to a meeting Tuesday with the White House coronavirus task force, the president spent 10 minutes delivering remarks to the public. The remarks began with him admitting that the pandemic is still raging across the country, more-so now than even before.

“I’ll give it to you straight, as I promised you I always would: We’re going to see, as you all have been hearing, continued rise in cases. Omicron is very transmissible — transmissible variant, but much different than anything we’ve seen before. And — but you can protect yourself. And you should protect yourself, quite frankly,” he said.

He’d also once promised that he’d shut down the virus.

“Get vaccinated. Get boosted. … Those that are fully vaccinated, especially those with the booster shots … you can still get COVID, but it’s highly unlikely — very unlikely that you’ll become seriously ill,” he added.

This is true, as even former President Donald Trump has noted.

The president continued by chastising the unvaccinated, as usual.

“[I]f you’re unvaccinated, you have some reason to be alarmed. Many of you will — you know, you’ll experience severe illness, in many cases, if you get COVID-19 if you’re not vaccinated. Some will die — needlessly die,” he said.

“The unvaccinated are taking up hospital beds and crowding emergency rooms and intensive care units. That’s a place that other people will need access to those hospitals. So, please — please, please get vaccinated now.”

He then redeployed his administration’s favorite talking point about the coronavirus pandemic being a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“Let me be absolutely clear: We have in hand all the vaccines we need to get every American fully vaccinated, including the booster shot. So, there is no excuse — no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we got to make more progress,” he said.

This line in particular provoked criticism on social media, where those who’ve been closely following the data were quick to note that the vaccinated and boosted are also contracting the coronavirus and, in some cases, being hospitalized.

Part of the problem with the president’s rhetoric is that a large number of left-wing-dominated institutions aren’t acting as if this is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

Writing for Bari Weiss’ Substack this week, Dr. Marty Makary noted, as an example, that a large number of major universities where students are already vaccinated and boosted are nevertheless forcing these same students to mask outdoors, to undergo constant testing, to be quarantined even if asymptomatic, etc.

“The data simply do not justify any of it,” Makary wrote.

Critics were also bothered by the president saying “there is no excuse” to be unvaccinated. Actually, there are a myriad of valid so-called “excuses.” These “excuses” including boasting natural immunity and being allergic to the vaccine.

The Cleveland Clinic medical center notes that those who are allergic to the vaccine could experience anaphylaxis, which can be deadly, upon receiving a shot.

“Anaphylaxis is a severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. It can occur within seconds or minutes of exposure to something you’re allergic to, such as peanuts or bee stings. … If anaphylaxis isn’t treated right away, it can be fatal,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

The president apparently either forgot about or purposefully chose to dismiss this fact. Knowing him, it’s likely the former. And indeed, this wasn’t all that he forgot.

At one point in the speech, the president said, “And for patients who still haven’t gotten your kids vaccinated, please get them vaccinated. Look out for their interests here. It’s the best way to protect them.”

He’d meant parents …

And toward the end of the speech, he added, “There is a lot of reason to be hopeful in 2020, but for God’s sake, please take advantage of what’s available. Please. You’re going to save lives — maybe yours, maybe your child’s. Please take advantage of what we already have, okay?”

He’d meant 2022 …

The speech eventually concluded with the president predictably refusing to answer any tough questions.


Vivek Saxena


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