Biden confounds with ‘Rambling Man’ impersonation as he goes on about mysterious $8K checks

President Joe Biden served up his best Rambling Man impersonation Thursday during a White House roundtable with CEOs from various industries on the economy

Having fallen back on his tired, worn-out “Working Class Joe” persona, Biden was talking about how it mattered to American families when the price of gasoline went up — it didn’t matter enough for the president to alter his policies that went a LONG way toward driving up the price of gas.

He then began rambling on about Americans receiving $8,000 checks and folks not getting raises and how some people ended up feeling “worse off.”

Biden aptly summed up the dissertation thusly, “Does that make any sense to anybody or is it just me?”

“One of the things that I find is — I look at and I take it very seriously the confidence level of the American people in the economy,” he began. “And they’re so down and they’re looking — there’s reason to be down, but I started thinking about it. You know, the first year, we were able to, with the — with the Rescue Plan, we were able to send them a check for eight grand. I mean, a check. One — and beyond that, by the way; there was more than that.”

“But when you’re — if you’re making 120 grand and you get a check for 8 grand, that’s a lot of money. And so it helped save a lot of people, in terms of getting thrown out of their homes and rental housing and a whole range of things,” Biden continued. “But I started thinking about it, just as, you know, somebody who’s raised as a middle-class kid. One year, even though you didn’t have the job you have now, even though you didn’t get a raise that year, the difference between having a job, having a 5 percent raise or whatever — 3,5,7, whatever it happens to be — in the face of inflation, the price at the pump — although that’s down every day so far. But, you know, it’s like, ‘Whoa, I feel worse off.’ But then again, I didn’t get a check for eight grand from the government. They just — among other things. Does that make any sense to anybody, or is it just me?”

The 79-year-old president appears to be talking about Covid stimulus checks, but no one received a check for $8,000. There were three rounds of stimulus, $1,200 per adult, $600 per adult, and $1,400 per adult, plus additional payments for each qualifying child. So it’s likely that some families received a total of $8,000, but Biden was clearly talking about a single check, as he said there were “others.”

The added irony here is that he was talking about inflation, while it’s widely believed that all the spending during the pandemic contributed to the 40-year high inflation that is now forcing many Americans to choose between a tank of gas and food on the table.

But those $8,000 checks threw everyone for a loop:

Tom Tillison


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