Bill Gates donates millions to NGO that encourages 10-yr-olds to learn about ‘commercial sex work’

Despite his protestations, billionaire Bill Gates was found to have yet another connection to the sexualization of children after a report found his organization had donated millions to a group promoting education of “commercial sex work” and “sexual rights, regardless of…age.”

While leftists continue to deny ulterior motives in their mission to allow hyper-sexualized and pornographic materials in schools along with the promotion of Drag Queen Story Hour, evidence only further suggests a concerted effort toward normalizing pedophilia.

Following a United Nations-backed report that sought to decriminalize “consensual sexual conduct” with minors, i.e. statutory rape, Fox News revealed that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been funneling millions toward a nongovernmental organization considered a “leading advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.”

The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), a separate organization from Planned Parenthood, spans over 140 countries and has worked to impact sex education around the world. With the help of more than $80 million donated by Gates’ foundation, a 2017 toolkit had been produced aiming to instruct children under the age of 10 years old that “Sexuality is a part of you from the moment you are born,” and that, “sexuality develops and changes throughout your life.”

Highlighted by activist mom and Independent Women’s Forum member Nicole Solas, the toolkit laid specifications for the age group “that prostitution is [a] normal interpersonal relationship.”

“Sexual activity may be part of different types of relationships, including dating, marriage or commercial sex work, among others,” the toolkit laid out, and, “As you grow up, you might start to be interested in people with diverse gender identities.”

“[S]ex positivity acknowledges that human beings, including adolescents and young people, are autonomous sexual beings,” the IPPF feels children should learn.

Further, it set forth, “[A]ll people are sexual beings with sexual rights, regardless of their age.”

For clarity, it stated, “Sexual rights include…the right to say yes or no to sex; the right to express sexuality, including the right to seek pleasure; the right to enjoy bodily autonomy…”

As previously reported, the UN had backed a report released in March that contended along the same lines that, “Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” and that “Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.”

Gates had already come under fire for his relationship with sex offender Epstein whom he reportedly befriended after the man had initially stood trial. Following their divorce, Melinda French Gates had not offered specifics on her ex-husband’s relationship with Epstein, but admitted the one time she had met him, “I regretted it from the second I stepped in the door.”

“He was abhorrent. He was evil personified. I had nightmares about it afterwards,” she claimed.

The couple’s foundation wasn’t alone in donating to IPPF as the NGO comprised of 120 independent organizations was said to have also received significant funding from the World Health Organization, a specialized agency within the United Nations.

Kevin Haggerty


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