Bill Maher makes crass joke about imagining Trump as a victim of prison rape

Prison rape is no laughing matter unless it involves former President Donald J. Trump apparently, who was the target of a crass joke from liberal comic Bill Maher.

The presumptive GOP nominee is set to go before a hostile Democrat judge next month with a good chance that he could be sent to prison after his sham conviction on 34 felony counts in the Stormy Daniels “hush money” trial.

During the New Rules segment of the latest edition of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” the host delighted his leftist audience with his crack about the possibility about Trump being forcibly violated by inmates behind bars.

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“Never a bad time to do the one about how if you drop the soap in the prison shower don’t bend over for it,” he began. “And look, with all the talk now about Trump possibly going to jail, we’ve all been doing it, I mean come on, it’s Donald Trump,” eliciting guffaws of laughter from the seats.

“Given the opportunity, it’s natural to want to imagine him getting f**ked in the a**,” Maher said, drawing an uproarious response from the live audience who clapped and hooted in approval, seeming to have been fantasizing about the lewd prison rape of the former POTUS.

“I’m just saying maybe we shouldn’t,” Maher added before delivering commentary on the massive prison population in the United States, killing the crowd’s jubilant mood. “If not for him, then for the nearly two million people behind bars at any given time in this country. That’s more people than in 12 states, they should have their own two senators, and one can be Bob Menendez,” he said, referring to “gold bar Bob,” the New Jersey Democrat currently being tried on federal corruption charges.

He then dropped what should be an embarrassing fact for the nation on his audience.

“America has a higher incarceration rate than Russia, or China, or for almost any of the other evildoer countries we’re always sh*tting our pants over,” Maher pointed out. “And yet for some reason, everything at Walgreens is still locked behind plexiglass.”

“But for some reason, Americans simply accept that not only do we lock up way more people, but that if you’re a criminal of any kind? Yes, sodomy is the appropriate comeuppance,” the host said. “They say if you want to survive prison, the first thing you do when you get there, what you have to do is go up to the biggest, baddest guy and punch him in the face…”

“As a prisoner here in America, you’ll either be alone, in solitary which drives you out of your mind, or completely on top of everybody else,” he added, noting that there is a serious problem with overcrowding in the nation’s prison system and giving some examples.

“What kind of society is cool with all this? We call them correctional facilities but that’s like calling the NFL a brain development program,” Maher said.”I’m not saying it’s not OK to lock people up, of course it is, but it’s not OK to deliberately violate the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.”

Trump is set to be sentenced on July 11, four days before the Republican National Convention.

Chris Donaldson


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