Fetterman surprises Bill Maher when he says Biden the only Dem who can beat Trump

For as much progress as Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) has made since a debilitating stroke, it’s worth remembering that he was a borderline vegetable not that long ago.

The Keystone State Democrat reminded America of this previously deteriorating state by claiming President Joe Biden is the only member of his party who has a chance of beating former President Donald J. Trump in November.

During an appearance on this week’s edition of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher,” Fetterman stunned the host with his remarks that the mentally misfiring octogenarian is the party’s best hope for retaining control of the White House.

Maher has emerged as a critic of Biden’s reelection, stating last week that “he’s going to f**king lose,” an opinion that isn’t shared by the senator who has demonstrated a doglike loyalty for his fellow Pennsylvanian.

Fetterman, who was adorned in his standard slob attire, joined his fellow old-school Democrat for the interview segment when the discussion turned to the 2024 election and Biden’s chances against Trump.

“I’ve always said that Pennsylvania picks the president and there really is no legitimate path for the president if he doesn’t win,” Fetterman said. And I really do believe he will win actually, because Trump was able to flip Pennsylvania and that helped deliver his first victory.”

“But Joe Biden carried it in 2020 because…he has a really strong connection there to Pennsylvania and I do believe he will again, but it’s going to be very close,” he continued. And that’s the same conversation I’ve been having with Pennsylvania, that it’s going to be very close because Trump has a strong connection in Pennsylvania and it’s going to be very competitive and all of that.”

Fetterman also dismissed Democrat hopes that Trump’s unjust conviction in Soros-backed Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s sham trial is going to make much of a difference with people who have already made up their minds.

“And I’ve also been saying that I don’t think that whole trial is going to be anything meaningful with people have already decided like, hey, that’s my guy,” he told Maher. “I don’t…we’ll never understand why somebody would say, yeah, I love that, or I want more four years of that…I do believe Joe Biden is going to carry Pennsylvania and he’s going to win.”

Maher responded by suggesting that Biden should be swapped out with another Democrat to avoid losing the election to Trump, a nightmare scenario for the party.

“But as he is– as he is not yet officially the nominee of the Democratic party. Is he really the best one for them to put forward?” Maher asked the senator.

“Joe Biden?” Fetterman said,” he’s actually the only American that’s ever beaten Trump in an election… and I do honestly believe that, he’s actually the only Democrat that could win.

“And I do believe, Joe Biden has that ability to to win.” Fetterman added. “And we have a great, we have a great bench but I think it’s a very distinct kind of situation right now.”

Maher said that he was “surprised” by the remarks.

“I’m surprised at that, but I’ll move on,” he said. “Well, I’m sorry I’m not on the same page there, but, okay. I mean, it’s probably going to be Joe Biden and I’ll vote for him.”

On a recent edition of his “Club Random” podcast, Maher said he’d vote for Biden’s “head in a jar of blue liquid over Donald Trump.”

Chris Donaldson


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