Biological male, 18, who identifies as ‘trans’ gets naked in shower with 14-year-old girls

A Wisconsin school district is under fire after the public became aware of a shower incident involving freshman girls and an 18-year-old man.

Wednesday, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) submitted a letter to Sun Prairie Area School District outside Madison, Wisconsin as it pertained to an alleged incident from March 3. That letter described the account of four 14-year-old girls who claimed that a male high school senior who claimed he was “trans” had exposed himself to the minors in the shower, and the school district hadn’t reported it.

As shared by activist mom and school board candidate Scarlett Johnson, the letter began,  “Our attorneys…recently became aware of an alarming incident involving a violation of freshman girls’ privacy while in a Sun Prairie East High School (EHS) locker room.”

It went on to explain that after after gym class where students had been swimming, the four freshman girls “entered the girls’ athletic locker room to shower and change for class. Upon entering they noticed a senior male student in the area containing lockers and benches.”

Though “surprised” and “uncomfortable” the students were reportedly familiar with the 18-year-old’s identity and proceeded to enter “the shower area with their swimsuits on, which was their common practice as they rinsed off. As they began to shower, the male student approached them, entered the shower area, announced ‘I’m trans, by the way,’ and then undressed fully and showered completely naked right next to one of the girls. He was initially turned towards the wall but eventually turned and fully exposed his male genitalia to the four girls. Understandably, the girls were caught off guard and shocked, closed their eyes, and tried to hurry up and leave the showers as quickly as possible.”

According to the complaint, parents were not notified and Title IX mandates were not followed which would have meant the filing of an official complaint by a Title IX coordinator, an alleged violation of the Wisconsin Statute on indecent exposure to minors.

Instead, Principal Renee Colman did not email parents until April 10, more than five weeks later, to issue her apology and contend it “should not have happened.”

However, according to the complaint, one parent had also been sent a copy of district policy that presented the man as a protected class and suggested the girls should have sought the use of a private, “single-access restroom” if they had concerns.

“A student who is transgender, nonbinary, or gender expansive will be permitted to access the men’s/women’s segregated restrooms in accordance with the student’s gender identity that the student regularly asserts at school and in other social environments,” the policy read.

It further stated, “Any student who has a need or desire for increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reason, may be provided with access to a single-access restroom where such a facility is reasonably available, but no student shall be required to use such a restroom because of the student’s transgender, nonbinary, or gender expansive status.”

A similar argument had been made at a Vermont high school in the fall when students on the girls’ volleyball team had voiced their concern over a male teammate watching them change in the locker room and making inappropriate comments. In response, the school banned the girls from the locker room and required they use a single-person space to change.

Compounding the situation, the district itself appeared to be playing the victim since the exposure and asserted in a letter from Superintendent Bard Saron, reported by the Daily Mail, that “The simple truth is that this incident should not have happened. But it did, and the District addressed it long before the recent publicity.”

Public response to the allegations were far from the flippancy demonstrated by the district.

Kevin Haggerty


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