Brooklyn hearing devolves into madness over massive migrant shelter after stabbing

A Brooklyn City Council hearing devolved into madness Monday over concerns about a shelter for “migrants” that opened last summer.

The drama began to unfold after councilmember Crystal Hudson brought up a recent stabbing that had occurred near the shelter.

“There was an incident earlier today — it’s not the first incident, I hope it will be the last — there was a stabbing that was at the park,” she said.

Her remarks prompted the room to erupt into chaos, with critics pouncing on her for “avoiding” the real issue.

“You are avoiding this issue,” one man screamed into his microphone. “Is there a universe where the city can safely house 3,200 single men together?”

“It can’t!” others shouted back in response.

“It is unsafe! It is unsafe!” others added.

Watch some of this happening here.

Hudson responded by urging the hearinggoers to save their anger for City Hall and New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who she said hasn’t offered her enough support.

“We have literally said exactly what you just said … I understand the frustration. I get it … But my office has done everything we can,” she claimed.

In a statement to the New York Post, Hudson’s spokesperson later doubled down.

“We’ve seen people come together to routinely provide material support for migrants. However, individual generosity doesn’t preclude the government’s need to steer collective action, and so far the mayor’s office has failed in that regard,”  he said.

“There is a need for the city to provide additional resources to address the emerging challenges facing new and longtime residents alike as well as sharing a vision for a long-term strategy that we can all work toward across the five boroughs,” he added.

Adams himself has previously lashed out at the Biden administration over its own refusal to offer any legitimate support.

Last March, in fact, the mayor pretty much admitted that President Joe Biden had abandoned him. He offered up the admission after he traveled to Washington, D.C. to meet with White House officials and congressional leaders to ask for more money to deal with the expanding migrant crisis in NYC.

“As you know, yesterday I was in Washington D.C. to meet with our congressional leaders and to meet with the White House. And I wanted to take the opportunity at the White House celebration for the holiday season because I knew I would have the gathering of lawmakers or mayors from across the country and I was able to speak with the mayor of Chicago and leaders from Massachusetts and others,” he said.

“And we’re seeing the same thing across the entire country. Our residents are weary, our residents are angry, our residents are seeing the impact of the migrant and asylum seeker issue, how it is taking away from the resources that should go to the day‑to‑day services of running the city,” he added.

All this comes a week after a migrant was stabbed during a fight right outside the shelter over scooters.

“A 22-year-old migrant was stabbed outside a Brooklyn shelter Thursday — all because he sat on his attacker’s electric moped,” the Post reported.

“Cristian Concepcion, 25, allegedly erupted when he spotted a fellow resident sitting on his moped outside the shelter on Hall Street and Flushing Avenue near the Brooklyn Navy Yard,” according to the Post.

The argument between the two men reportedly turned violent when Concepcion allegedly knifed the other migrant in the chest.

The victim was taken to a hospital in serious condition but survived. Concepcion meanwhile was identified as a criminal alien from Venezuela and subsequently arrested and charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and menacing.

Vivek Saxena


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