California leads nation with 1.2M net outmigration, New York ‘runner-up loser’ – Florida #1 destination

Over a million people have fled California in recent years for red states where there is less regulation, taxation, and government tyranny crushing the masses.

The exodus has reportedly sped up following the pandemic which is unsurprising considering Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom’s heavy-handed COVID mandates. Many don’t want to suffer through that again.

“The Census Bureau publishes annual data on each state’s net domestic migration—that is, how many U.S. residents have moved to a given state, minus the number who moved from that state to elsewhere in the U.S.” the City Journal reported.

“The second quarter of 2020 (from April 1 to June 30 of that year) was the first quarter to take place entirely after Covid-19 was known to have hit our shores; the most recent statistics available are from July 1, 2023. Looking at net domestic migration over that 13-quarter span yields some interesting results—and some clear winners and losers,” it continued.

No one should be shocked that Florida came out on top once again.

“Among large states (those with a population above the 50-state average), the net-domestic-migration winner over the 13-quarter period after Covid-19’s arrival was Florida. The Sunshine State added a net tally of 819,000 Americans over that span. To put that into perspective, in just three years and change, Florida added more people from net domestic migration than the combined populations of Miami and Orlando. The large-state runner-up: Texas. It added 80 percent as many people as Florida (656,000),” the media outlet noted.

The state that lost the most was California, which shed 1.2 million people through net domestic outmigration—the rough equivalent of San Francisco and Oakland’s combined populations. The runner-up loser was New York, which lost about three-quarters as many people as California,” City Journal added.

Florida reportedly ranks as the number one destination for those seeking a new home and Texas comes in second. New York is second to last with California ranking as the least desirable state to move to.

“Among small states over the three-plus years in question, South Carolina (248,000 people) led in net domestic migration, followed by Idaho (up 104,000). The biggest small-state loser in that span was Louisiana (down 111,000), followed closely by Maryland (down 100,000),” City Journal further elaborated.

Pandemic policies seemed to have played a large part in states that lost or gained residents. Those states with the least repressive COVID mandates grew while those that forced mandates on their residents shrunk in size. California and New York were the worst of the lot.

The pattern of outmigration in the large blue coastal areas is obvious. More people are migrating to freer areas of the country.

“Proportionately, New York lost the most from net domestic migration between April 2020 and July 2023 of any large state, shedding 4.4 percent of its April 2020 total. California lost the second-highest share (down 3 percent), and Illinois fared the third-worst, losing 2.8 percent of its 2020 population,” City Journal commented.

“Among small states, Idaho saw the most net domestic migration as a percentage of its 2020 population (up 5.7 percent), followed by South Carolina (up 4.8 percent—and up 1.6 percent in the most recent 12 months alone, the highest of any state) and Montana (up 4.5 percent). The biggest losers among small states: Hawaii (down 2.9 percent), Louisiana (down 2.4 percent), and Alaska (down 2.4 percent). The District of Columbia, down 4.1 percent, fared worse than any of the 50 states,” the media site explained.

Imposed mask mandates and suppressive lockdowns played heavily into state exoduses.

“Among the losers, Hawaii had the nation’s longest mask mandate (704 days) and required high school athletes to get the experimental Covid-19 vaccines or quit playing. California was the first state to lock down—and it, New York, and Illinois were among the eight states with the longest mask mandates, and also among the relatively small number of states that imposed vaccine mandates,” the outlet wrote concerning the pandemic.

“Louisiana was among the roughly one-third of states that required people to mask up for more than 365 days; it also let its school mask mandate stretch into 2022, and initially announced that children who didn’t receive a Covid-19 vaccine would be barred from attending school (it later changed course). The remaining state, Alaska, was the only one to have adopted more lenient Covid-19 policies than most states,” the Journal wrote.

What it all boils down to is that Republican-led states, for the most part, are perceived as far freer and therefore, more attractive to those fleeing California, New York, and other Democrat strongholds.

It’s not just the loss of residents hitting blue states hard… it’s the loss of revenue. They’re drowning in debt and a big part of that is from outmigration and the loss of taxes. Not to mention Newsom’s spending spree.

California experienced the highest outmigration of any state in the nation, a major threat to the state’s fiscal future as it faces a $68 billion budget deficit and declining tax revenues,” The Center Square reported.


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